Crypto Firm Bequant Earns Malta’s ‘In-Principle’ Approval for Prime Broker License

Bequant is on its way to becoming a fully licensed prime broker for digital assets, with the option for more securities licenses in Malta.

Business  ·  23 December 2020

Prime Broker Bequant Adds Risk-Monitoring Service in Push for Added Compliance

Bequant is adding New York-based Solidus Labs’ surveillance tools to its digital asset services business.

Business  ·  30 October 2020

Bequant Adds Services to Its Crypto Prime Brokerage Offering

Bequant added separately managed accounts, derivatives trading and instant fund transfers in a bid to compete with rival prime brokers.

Business  ·  22 October 2020

Bequant, Now in Crowded Prime Brokerage Race, Adds Signature Bank Integration

In a newly crowded market, Bequant is still adding features to the suite of services it's been building for the past two years.

Business  ·  18 August 2020

Coinbase Buys Tagomi as ‘Foundation’ of Institutional Trading Arm

Crypto exchange Coinbase is finally acquiring Tagomi, a prime brokerage platform specializing in digital asset trading for institutional clients.

Business  ·  27 May 2020

Bequant Launches Crypto Prime Brokerage to Compete for Institutional Money

London-based Bequant becomes one of only a few companies in crypto to offer a full range of prime brokerage services for hedge funds.

Business  ·  14 May 2020

Down 26%: Bitcoin Sees Worst Sell-Off in 7 Years as Coronavirus Spurs Flight to Safety

Bitcoin suffered its biggest drop in seven years, as fears over the spreading coronavirus triggered a new wave of selling in everything from stocks and junk bonds to cryptocurrencies.

Markets  ·  12 March 2020

You Call That Volatility? Bitcoin Traders Scoff at Wall Street’s Gyrations

As traditional markets undergo a level of anxiety not seen since the 2008 recession, the cryptocurrency industry showed few existential signs of distress.

Markets  ·  9 March 2020