IBM Blockchain

IBM Ventures Further Into Crypto Custody With METACO, Deutsche Bank Tie-Ups

Big Blue wading deeper into these waters speaks to a broader change in the posture of corporates toward public blockchains.

Business  ·  25 March 2021

IBM Blockchain Is a Shell of Its Former Self After Revenue Misses, Job Cuts: Sources

“There is not really going to be a blockchain team any longer,” said a person familiar with the situation.

Business  ·  1 February 2021
Smart Contracts

IBM Blockchain to Offer Decentralized Smart Contract Option

IBM is implementing the Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 base layer to support smart contract governance on its blockchain platform.

Tech  ·  12 May 2020

Everledger Looks Beyond Blood Diamonds With ESG Supply Chain Collaboration

Everledger, known for tracking diamonds on the blockchain, says the supply chain for batteries is where it will focus next.

Business  ·  25 March 2020

IBM Blockchain App Promotes ‘Virtuous Cycle’ for Sustainable Coffee

IBM is launching a new app that uses blockchain to allow consumers interested in sustainability to trace the coffee they buy along the supply chain.

Tech  ·  6 January 2020

Mining Giant Glencore to Trace Cobalt Using ‘Responsible Sourcing’ Blockchain Consortium

Glencore, one of the world’s largest cobalt producers, will use a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain to responsibly source its supply chain.

News  ·  12 December 2019

IBM Ethical Mineral Sourcing Blockchain to Debut in Spring

Ford, Volkswagon, LG and Volvo plan to take a cobalt-tracking blockchain platform live next year.

Markets  ·  6 November 2019

IBM Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Web Browser

The patent describes a peer-to-peer network for managing and storing browsing session data.

Tech  ·  10 August 2019

We.Trade Co-Founder Mancone Is Leaving the Enterprise Blockchain Firm

Roberto Mancone is leaving, the live trade finance blockchain platform which he helped grow into a legal entity comprising 14 banks.

Business  ·  29 April 2019

The Big Legal Issue Blockchain Developers Rarely Discuss

If blockchain projects seek adoption by enterprises, their open-source license will have a material impact on the rate of adoption, say legal experts.

Policy & regulation  ·  8 September 2018

Insurance Ratings Bureau Pilots IBM Blockchain for Automatic Reporting

The American Association of Insurance Services is turning to IBM Blockchain to support a new automated insurance reporting tool.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 August 2018

IBM, Global Citizen Seek Blockchain Solutions for Humanitarian Aid

IBM and Global Citizen are issuing a challenge to the world’s developers: use blockchain to revolutionize donations to humanitarian causes.

Business  ·  11 May 2018

Renewable-Energy Blockchain Project Moves Past Test Phase

Blockchain makes it easier to securely and efficiently manage the flow of electric power as sources are added to the grid, a transmission firm says.

Markets  ·  9 November 2017

European Banks Select IBM Blockchain for Small Business Trade Finance

IBM has been chosen by Digital Trade Chain, a consortium of major European banks, to build a new blockchain platform for SMEs.

Business  ·  26 June 2017