Bitcoin Miners Usually Create 6 Blocks per Hour. They Just Banged Out 16

In a significant deviation from the norm, bitcoin miners just produced 16 blocks in 63 minutes.

Markets  ·  1 May 2020
Bitcoin Mining

Older Mining Machines Turn Profitable Again as Bitcoin Rises Ahead of Halving

Older mining models can now earn 10-20% gross margins after bitcoin’s price jumps to two-month highs.

News  ·  30 April 2020

First Mover: For Bitcoin Prices, Inflation Headlines May Matter More Than the Reality

Money printer goes brrr, but does it necessarily mean big inflation?

Markets  ·  29 April 2020
First Mover

First Mover: Two Weeks From Halving, Bitcoin Rally Brings $10K Into View

With the Bitcoin blockchain's once-every-four-years rewards halving now just two weeks away, some analysts are starting to fix their sights on the next upside target: $10,000.

Markets  ·  28 April 2020

Bitcoin Halving Searches on Google Hits All-Time Highs

Searches for “bitcoin halving” on Google Trends recently reached record highs, suggesting peak interest in the retail crowd about the upcoming supply altering event.

Markets  ·  17 April 2020

Blockchain Bites: Binance vs. Ethereum, MicroBT vs. Bitmain, Libra vs. the World

Binance unveiled plans for a new smart contract blockchain, which could compete with Ethereum, while MicroBT looks to beat rival Bitmain to market.

News  ·  17 April 2020
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Cash Undergoes ‘Halving’ Event, Casting Shadow on Miner Profitability

Bitcoin Cash, the blockchain network that forked off Bitcoin in 2017, has just reduced its mining rewards by half, causing lots of miners to have nearly zero gross margin.

Tech  ·  8 April 2020

Crypto Long & Short: Is Bitcoin More Like Gold or Equities?

Bitcoin markets have behaved a lot more like equities than gold during recent market swings. But widen the time frame and things start to look shinier.

Markets  ·  6 April 2020

Looking for a Halving Payday? Quick Wins in Investing Are Rare

Miracle returns in investing seldom materialize. Beware excessive expectations for the bitcoin halving.

Markets  ·  2 April 2020

Bitcoin Takes Tumble, Traders Fret Correlation and Next Month’s Halving

Bitcoin had another down day. How long the cryptocurrency follows stocks, and whether next month’s halving juices its price, remain open questions.

Markets  ·  1 April 2020

How Financial Models Could Move Bitcoin’s Price After the Halving

If history is a guide, financial models forecasting the post-halving bitcoin price are just as likely to shape the future as predict it.

Markets  ·  1 April 2020

Stocks, Bitcoin Rally on Prospects for US Senate Stimulus Bill

Financial markets rebounded Tuesday after prospects for a stimulus package out of the U.S. Senate improved. Most cryptocurrencies are gaining, too.

Markets  ·  24 March 2020

As Fed Contemplates Coronavirus-Prompted Easing, Bitcoin Traders Bet on Halving

Investors are betting the Fed will quickly slash rates amid coronavirus jitters. Whether they turn to bitcoin as a crisis hedge remains to be seen.

Markets  ·  28 February 2020

Exchange Deposits in Bitcoin Slide to Lowest Level in 3 Years

The number of bitcoin on-chain deposits has dropped sharply over the last six months, indicating a strong optimistic or “HODLing,” sentiment in the market.

Markets  ·  5 February 2020

Bitcoin’s Halving Captures Growing Interest – Among Google Searchers

"Bitcoin halving" searches are surging on Google, according to a report from the Norwegian cryptocurrency analysis firm Arcane Research.

Markets  ·  27 January 2020