Crypto Adoption Shifts to Emerging Markets as China, US Drop in Chainalysis Global Rankings

Crypto adoption has increased 23-fold globally over the past year with India, Pakistan and Ukraine driving the surge.

Markets  ·  18 August 2021

BIS Survey Finds Central Banks Keen on Tourists, Non-Residents Using Upcoming CBDCs

“Central banks are considering a variety of [multi-CBDC] arrangements,” BIS researchers wrote.

News  ·  14 June 2021

Why China’s Crackdown May Make Bitcoin Mining More Centralized

Big Chinese miners are likely to survive the crackdown.

Policy & regulation  ·  27 May 2021

Beijing’s Crypto Crackdown Is Not New but Don’t Dismiss It

China’s reiterated crypto ban sharpens the focus on the financial sector.

Policy & regulation  ·  20 May 2021

Chinese Crypto Miners Face Unstable Regulatory Environment

Tightening regulations have unnerved some crypto miners in China.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 April 2021

Huobi Asset Management Raises $50M for Crypto ‘Tracker’ Funds

The four funds will buy bitcoin, ether and equity in crypto or mining firms.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 April 2021

Inside Iran’s Onslaught on Bitcoin Mining

Iran has been clamping down on mining farms, but it also wants to use crypto mining to boost the sanctioned nation's revenue stream.

News  ·  28 January 2021

Russian Public Officials Banned From Holding Cryptocurrency

Russian government officials must dispose of any digital asset holdings before April 1.

Policy & regulation  ·  25 January 2021

At Least One Key Huobi Executive Is In Custody in China: Sources

The Chinese police appear to have intensified their crackdown on crypto exchanges’ OTC trading services in the last year.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 January 2021

Russia’s Sber Bank Files to Launch Its Own Stablecoin

Russia's largest retail bank has applied to become a licensed digital assets issuer.

News  ·  22 January 2021

What Does It Cost to Become an FCA-Approved Exchange? EXMO Execs Explain

The U.K.-registered EXMO exchange is one of the many crypto startups to go through the FCA approval process. Execs detailed the work it took to get there.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 January 2021

Los argentinos están cambiando su obsesión histórica con el dólar por DAI

Un cóctel de alta inflación, devaluaciones y falta de acceso a dólares los ha llevado a encontrar en esa moneda descentralizada una manera de proteger sus castigados ingresos.

Markets  ·  22 December 2020

India’s State-Led Payment Network Is Growing. Now Nation Wants to Export It

India’s state-led payments system, United Payments Interface (UPI), was first rolled out in 2016 and is currently used by 175 million people.

Policy & regulation  ·  21 December 2020

China’s Latest Digital Currency Trial Is Its Most Important Yet

More money, more participants, more participating banks and merchants – a look inside the latest DC/EP trial in Suzhou.

People  ·  7 December 2020

China’s State-Sanctioned Blockchain Project BSN Adds Polkadot, Oasis, Bityuan to Network

China’s state-sanctioned blockchain infrastructure provider BSN is adding cross-chain protocol Polkadot, decentralized cloud data startup Oasis and China-based project Bityuan to its network.

Policy & regulation  ·  25 November 2020