Gary Gensler

Gary Gensler Isn’t Buying Your Decentralization Theater

The SEC chief has a point: DeFi is often not as decentralized as its proponents like to claim.

Opinion  ·  19 August 2021

DeFi Not Immune to SEC Oversight, Gensler Says: Report

DeFi projects that reward participants with incentives or digital tokens could be subject to SEC regulation, the SEC chairman said.

News  ·  19 August 2021

Congressmen McHenry, Thompson Call SEC Chair Gensler’s Remarks on Crypto ‘Concerning’

The two congressmen wrote that rather than potentially regulating innovation and job creation out of the U.S., lawmakers and regulators should “promote an active dialogue between regulators and market participants.”

Policy & regulation  ·  16 August 2021

SEC’s Gensler Told Elizabeth Warren He Needs More Authority to Regulate Crypto

Congress should focus on trading, lending and decentralized finance, the securities regulator said.

News  ·  11 August 2021

Gary Gensler’s Insane Crypto Policy

Gensler wants to follow in his predecessor's footsteps and treat the crypto industry as something to stifle rather than support.

Opinion  ·  9 August 2021

Money Reimagined: Gensler’s SEC Is the Same Old SEC

The SEC chief's speech this week on crypto regulation proved that hopes for a change of policy at the regulator may have been wishful thinking.

Opinion  ·  6 August 2021
Bitcoin Futures

Gensler’s Preference for Bitcoin Futures Products Is Likely Bad News for a Spot BTC ETF

The SEC chairman's comments this week are causing issuers to readjust their expectations for the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 August 2021

CFTC Commissioner Says SEC Lacks Authority Over Commodities, Including ‘Crypto Assets’

Quintenz's comment follows remarks by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, who this week reiterated his view that stock and "stable value tokens backed by securities" qualify as securities.

News  ·  5 August 2021

Gary Gensler Speaks. The Reviews From Crypto Aren’t Terrible

Bitcoiners were quite receptive to the new SEC chair’s sweeping statement of purpose on crypto regulation. Others, predictably, were not.

Opinion  ·  4 August 2021
Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC Needs Clear Authority Over Crypto Platforms, Gensler Says

The SEC chair spoke of the agency's desire to "stitch together" consumer protection for tokens sold as securities and tokens sold as commodities.

News  ·  4 August 2021

SEC Chairman Gensler Agrees With Predecessor: ‘Every ICO Is a Security’

Gensler said he believes crypto trading platforms might already have securities listed.

News  ·  3 August 2021
Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC Boss Gensler Eyeing Robust Regulation of Crypto Market: Report

Gensler did not comment on the potential approval of a crypto exchange-traded fund.

Policy & regulation  ·  3 August 2021

Uniswap Labs Limits Access to Some Tokens

The software development studio cited an "evolving regulatory landscape" in making its decision.

News  ·  24 July 2021

SEC Chair Hints Some Stablecoins Are Securities

Stock tokens and stablecoins backed by securities might be treated as securities under U.S. law, SEC Chair Gary Gensler said.

News  ·  21 July 2021

Elizabeth Warren Gives SEC July 28 Deadline to Figure Out Crypto Regulation

The Democrat senator said in a letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler that she needs answers by July 28.

News  ·  8 July 2021