NJ Regulators Give BlockFi 1 Week Before Blocking New Interest Accounts

The state’s securities regulator contends BlockFi is selling an “unregistered security” to its customers.

Business  ·  21 July 2021

SEC Chair Hints Some Stablecoins Are Securities

Stock tokens and stablecoins backed by securities might be treated as securities under U.S. law, SEC Chair Gary Gensler said.

News  ·  21 July 2021

State of Crypto: Stablecoin Rules Are Coming

Regulatory authorities are talking about stablecoins more and more, but it remains to be seen what they’ll actually implement.

Policy & regulation  ·  20 July 2021

US Presidential Advisory Group to Discuss Stablecoins

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary Gensler and Commodity Futures Trading Commission Acting Chair Rostin Behnam will also participate in Monday's meeting.

Policy & regulation  ·  16 July 2021

Japan Increasing Efforts to Regulate Digital Currency: Report

The move is a sign of increasing concern that new forms of private money could disrupt Japan's financial system.

News  ·  16 July 2021

State of Crypto: Binance Is Firmly in the Regulatory Crosshairs

World regulators have announced warnings around Binance, drawing attention to the exchange's operations and hinting at future actions.

Policy & regulation  ·  13 July 2021

Binance Not Authorized to Operate in the Cayman Islands, Regulator Says

The Cayman Islands' financial watchdog said that Binance has not registered to operate in the nation and that it was investigating the matter.

News  ·  2 July 2021

Binance Pulls Out of Ontario Following Actions Against Other Crypto Exchanges

"Binance can no longer continue to service Ontario-based users," the exchange said Friday.

News  ·  27 June 2021

Binance Isn’t Allowed to be Operating in the UK, Watchdog Warns

On Friday, Japan’s financial regulator warned that Binance is operating in that country without permission.

Markets  ·  27 June 2021

FATF Says Majority of Countries Still Haven’t Implemented Watchdog’s Crypto Guidance

Only 58 out of 128 jurisdictions have stepped up, the anti-money laundering watchdog said Friday.

Policy & regulation  ·  25 June 2021
European Union

EU to Designate Bank of Spain, Securities Regulator for Crypto Oversight: Report

Draft regulation also requires businesses offering crypto services in the EU to have a base in the bloc, Cinco Dias reports.

News  ·  25 June 2021

What Crypto Firms Can Expect From Friday’s FATF Plenary Meeting

Regulatory insiders say the sheer volume of crypto feedback means updated guidance from the FATF could be delayed.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 June 2021

Portugal Grants First Crypto Exchanges Operating Licenses

The central bank announced that Criptoloja and Mind the Coin will be able to operate in the country.

News  ·  18 June 2021

State of Crypto: Congressional Hearings Are Ramping Up

We're seeing regulators and lawmakers pay closer attention to crypto and, specifically, how it may be regulated.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 June 2021

Tunisian Finance Minister Says Bitcoin Ownership Should Be Decriminalized

The arrest of a local teenager has prompted the country to rethink its crypto policy.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 June 2021