Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Trading Bot Strategy ‘Extracted’ $107M in 30 Days, Research Suggests

The strategy has also contributed to higher gas fees and blockchain bloat.

Tech  ·  23 February 2021
Ethereum Mining

Nvidia Redesigns Graphics Cards to Limit Their Use in Ethereum Mining

Nvidia is also launching Cryptocurrency Mining Processors (CMP) specifically for Ethereum miners.

Markets  ·  18 February 2021
Ethereum Mining

Minority Mining Pools Threaten to Collude Against Contentious Ethereum Update

A small band of Ethereum miners are trying to pick off larger mining pools’ subscribers in a bid to shoot down EIP 1559.

Tech  ·  21 January 2021
Ethereum Mining

Linzhi Begins Rollout of Long-Awaited Ethereum Miner ‘Phoenix’

Linzhi’s “Phoenix” Ethereum ASIC miner is three times more powerful than other machines on the market, as well as more energy efficient.

Tech  ·  21 December 2020
Ethereum Mining

New Ethereum Fee Model Has Some Miners Crying Foul: Survey

Eight of the nine mining projects answering a survey on EIP 1559 had a negative impression of the proposal, with seven saying they would not implement the change.

Tech  ·  8 October 2020

Market Wrap: Blame BitMEX as Bitcoin Dumps to $10.4K; Record Month for Ethereum Fees

Bitcoin’s price fell on U.S. regulatory pressures while Ethereum miners reaped record fee revenue the past month.

Markets  ·  1 October 2020

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Falls to $11.1K; Ethereum Miners at Record Fee Percentage

The bitcoin market went bearish as the price dipped while DeFi fees as a percentage of revenue for Ethereum miners is at an all-time high.

Markets  ·  2 September 2020

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dips to $11.1K; Ether Mining Difficulty at Year High

Bitcoin’s price plunged Tuesday while DeFi is giving Ethereum miners more fee revenue, causing difficulty to hit a 2020 record.

Markets  ·  25 August 2020
Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Miners’ Income Soars by 60% in a Month and Outruns Ether’s Price Jump

Ethereum miners may have benefited the most from ether’s recent price rise and soaring transaction fees.

News  ·  27 July 2020
Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Developers Consider New Fee Model as Gas Costs Climb

With EIP 1559, Ethereum developers are proposing a dynamic pricing system to lower the blockchain network's current high gas fees.

Tech  ·  29 June 2020
Ethereum Mining

Thousands of These Computers Were Mining Cryptocurrency. Now They’re Working on Coronavirus Research

The largest U.S. Ethereum miner is redirecting the processing power of 6,000 specialized computer chips toward research to find a drug for the coronavirus.

Tech  ·  19 March 2020
Ethereum Mining

Ethereum Miners’ ETH Holdings Near Record Highs

Ethereum miners are hoarding ether tokens, and this could indicate high confidence in the project.

Markets  ·  31 January 2020
Ethereum Mining

Powerful New Ethereum Miner Reaches Final Stage Before Mass Production

Upstart manufacturer Linzhi is ready to produce its first batch of powerful new machines for mining ethereum and ethereum classic.

Markets  ·  11 September 2019
Ethereum Mining

Bitmain’s Jihan Wu: ASICs Are Making Ethereum More Decentralized

The Bitmain co-founder says ASIC miners are making blockchains more decentralized and ethereum's ProgPow proposal could still be "ASICable."

Markets  ·  29 March 2019
Ethereum Mining

Ethereum’s ProgPow Mining Change Approved Again, But Timeline Unclear

Ethereum core developers reaffirmed during a meeting today that mining algorithm change "ProgPoW" would be added to a coming hard fork.

Markets  ·  15 March 2019