US Charges 6 With Laundering Mexican Drug Cartel Cash Using Crypto and Casinos

The U.S. Department of Justice charged the six individuals with alleged involvement in laundering funds from Mexican drug cartels after an investigation spanning years.

News  ·  16 October 2020

Dark-Web Vendor and Pharmacist Charged With Trafficking Drugs Worth $270M in Bitcoin

The two men allegedly shipped opioids into the U.S. and sold them on the dark web for millions in bitcoin.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 August 2020
Money Laundering

Spanish Police Accuse Illegal Drug Vendor of Laundering $3.3M Haul in Crypto

The National Police of Spain said vendors’ “purchase of virtual currency stands out.” Police arrested 33 suspects across two parallel raids.

News  ·  30 June 2020

Drug Dealer Just Sentenced to 25 Years Hoped to Build a Better Bitcoin Miner

Paul Calder LeRoux, an admitted drug dealer with a background in encryption, planned to build a bitcoin miner had he beaten the rap.

News  ·  12 June 2020

VeChain to Develop Drug-Tracing Platform for Pharma Giant Bayer

Bayer China is tapping VeChain to help it track clinical trial drugs along the blockchain.

Tech  ·  28 May 2020

Russia’s Largest Darknet Market Is Hawking an ICO to Fund Global Expansion

Here’s one token sale that’s almost certainly illegal, and not just under securities laws.

Business  ·  12 December 2019

Drug Dealers Who Used Crypto Sentenced to Prison

Five drug dealers who used cryptocurrencies to launder their funds were sentenced to varying jail terms on Monday.

Markets  ·  28 August 2019

White House Advisory Says Cryptocurrencies Used for Fentanyl Purchases

The White House advisories state "convertible virtual currencies," particularly bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and monero, are actively being used on dark net markets.

Markets  ·  22 August 2019

Dark Web Drug Dealer to Forfeit Millions in Illicit Crypto Earnings

A man has been sentenced in San Diego, California, for conspiring to sell opioids and other drugs over dark web markets for cryptocurrencies. 

Policy & regulation  ·  20 August 2019

Three UK Men Busted Over Bitcoin-Based Drug Ring

The trio sold their products on the dark web and shipped as far as Australia.

Policy & regulation  ·  12 August 2019
New York

Dark Web Drug Dealer to Hand Over Bitcoin Millions After Plea Deal

A dark web drug dealer must forfeit $4 million in funds including bitcoin after pleading guilty in New York.

Policy & regulation  ·  29 July 2019
New York

New York State Sees First Conviction for Crypto Money Laundering

A case involving millions of dollars in bitcoin and Western Union payments resulted in New York State's first conviction for crypto money laundering.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 April 2019

Indian Government Think Tank Trials Blockchain to Combat Fake Meds

An Indian government think tank is working on a blockchain solution aimed to combat the country's roaring counterfeit drugs trade.

Policy & regulation  ·  10 April 2018

Crypto Exchange Creating Wallet Blacklist to Fight Fentanyl Crisis

A crypto exchange startup is seeking to blacklist wallets associated with illicit drug use in an attempt to use the blockchain to save lives.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 March 2018

ICE Exploiting Blockchain to Expose Crypto Use in Drug Trafficking

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is working to expose transactions made by drug traffickers using cryptocurrencies to hide their trails.

Policy & regulation  ·  26 January 2018