US Patent Granted to Stablecoin Concept Backed by Government Debt

Unlike fiat currency-pegged stablecoins, Yuga Coin intends to be solely pegged to government debt such as bonds and Treasury notes.

News  ·  21 July 2021

Deutsche Bank Issues Stark US Inflation Warning, Seeing Economic Parallels to 1940s, 1970s

Inflation could send the global economy into recession as central banks lose control, according to Deutsche Bank.

Markets  ·  7 June 2021

Debt Collection Firm CIS Now Accepts Bitcoin for B2B Repayments

Corporate Intelligence Services said it launched the new repayment option to provide a better service to its "clientele."

Business  ·  2 February 2021

How Much Debt Can a Country Handle?

As conventional wisdom grows that central banks can go more deeply into debt than previously thought, one economist asks, how much is too much?

People  ·  13 December 2020

Man Accused of Arranging Murder to Avoid Crypto Debt Can’t Escape Jail, Brazilian Court Rules

Crypto businessman Danilo Afonso Pechin remains jailed after Brazil's High Court refused to hear his request for freedom.

News  ·  5 August 2020

Thailand to Raise $6.4M With Sale of Blockchain-Based Bonds

The Thai Public Debt Management Office plans to sell the cheaply priced bonds through a state-owned bank’s blockchain e-wallet.

Tech  ·  17 June 2020

A Glimpse of Banking’s Future, Live on the Ethereum Blockchain

Last week, Frenching bank Societe Generale revealed that it has issued a security token-like bond on ethereum. But rather than using a private iteration, SocGen used the public blockchain.

Markets  ·  29 April 2019

JPMorgan Trial Puts Debt Issuance on a Blockchain

JPMorgan Chase has partnered with National Bank of Canada and others to trial a blockchain platform aimed to improve the debt issuance process.

Business  ·  20 April 2018

Sweden’s Government to Sell Seized Bitcoin in Open Auction

The Swedish government is to hold a week-long bitcoin auction, starting today, with 0.6 BTC for up for grabs.

Policy & regulation  ·  12 October 2017

R3 Completes DLT Commercial Paper Prototype with Bank Partners

Consortium startup R3 has completed work with four banks on a prototype that issues short-term debt over its Corda distributed ledger platform.

Business  ·  28 June 2017

Why Argentina’s Debt Default is an Opportunity for Bitcoin

Wednesday's controversial debt default by Argentina can only help bitcoin further boom in the country, says James Downer.

Markets  ·  1 August 2014

Student loans? Hedge with bitcoins, says Gold Silver Bitcoin

A company called Gold Silver Bitcoin is touting its commodities of choice as a way for students and graduates to hedge their often-huge student debts.

Markets  ·  30 May 2013