Here’s the Best Way to Get Up to Speed on Crypto for Free

CoinDesk’s Unlocked 101 sessions begin in May in the lead-up to the biggest event in crypto, Consensus.

People  ·  30 April 2021

FireBlocks CEO Pours Cold Water on Libra Excitement

FireBlocks' CEO was quick to dampen enthusiasm for libra.

News  ·  12 May 2020

Donate to Help Fight COVID-19 With CoinDesk and NY Blockchain Week

During Consensus: Distributed, CoinDesk is raising money for COVID-19 relief using an innovative method called quadratic funding.

People  ·  11 May 2020
Consensus: Distributed

What to Watch at Consensus: Distributed – CBDCs, Travel Rule and the Future of Money

The disruption of money is the meta-theme for this year’s conference. Here are our top picks for those keen to join the conversation on regulation, policy and the future of money.

News  ·  11 May 2020
CoinDesk Events

How to Watch Consensus and Network With Attendees

We’ve taken programming and networking virtual. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join us.

People  ·  11 May 2020

Bitcoin in Emerging Markets: Latin America

Crypto adoption is up from Argentina to Venezuela, especially bitcoin and stablecoins like dai. But each market is unique.

People  ·  8 May 2020

Road to Consensus: Harry Halpin Talks Holistic Privacy, Mixnets and COVID-19 (of Course)

Harry Halpin, a speaker at Consensus: Distributed, talks about his lockdown, and how Crypto Twitter was right, for once.

People  ·  23 April 2020

CoinDesk Takes Consensus 2020 Virtual

Consensus 2020 will be a virtual experience, bringing together the entire community.

News  ·  13 March 2020

Blockstack’s New Consensus Mechanism Creates New Use Case for Bitcoin

Blockstack is rolling out a consensus mechanism that presents a fresh use case for the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

Tech  ·  6 February 2020

CoinDesk’s John Biggs Walks the Exhibit Halls of Consensus 2019

Meet the exhibitors in the Consensus 2019 exhibit halls.

Tech  ·  16 May 2019

The Crypto Burn Book

"And they have this book, this burn book, where they write mean things about all the girls in our grade." Presenting crypto's very own burn book.

Markets  ·  1 May 2019

Microsoft Rolls Out ‘Proof-of-Authority’ Ethereum Consensus on Azure

Microsoft has rolled out an additional consensus mechanism for clients building ethereum-based apps on Azure that does away with mining.

Business  ·  9 August 2018

The Code for Ethereum’s Consensus Change Is Now Ready for Review

The ethereum network's transition to proof-of-stake is getting closer to reality, beginning with a hybrid system that could soon begin testing.

Tech  ·  22 April 2018

Early Bitcoin Buyers Talk Bubbles at Consensus: Invest

Early buyers Glenn Hutchins and Mike Novogratz took the stage at CoinDesk's Consensus: Invest event today.

Markets  ·  28 November 2017

Consensus 2017: EU, India Governments See Path to Global Blockchain Adoption

Speakers during the opening panel of Consensus 2017 agreed that blockchain is set to go global – but differed on how the technology will get there.

Markets  ·  22 May 2017