Blockchain Bites

NFTs Aren’t Art? OK, Boomer

Your grandpa probably didn't like rock. Your dad probably didn't like hip-hop. Dismissing NFT artworks out of hand reads roughly the same.

Tech  ·  1 March 2021

Blockchain Bites: Coinbase’s Competition, Bitcoin ETF Inflows Slow

Coinbase's SEC filing provides insight into crypto's increasingly competitive arena.

News  ·  26 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Coinbase’s Impressive Numbers

Coinbase's S-1 proves that this really is an institution-led bitcoin rally. Plus: DeFi has big ideas for NFTs.

Markets  ·  25 February 2021

MicroStrategy, Square Bought Bitcoin High, Then the Price Fell

Some think bitcoin is too volatile to be a popular treasury reserve asset. MicroStrategy and Square seem to be in it for the long haul.

News  ·  24 February 2021

What a Transparent Tether Means for Bitcoin

NYAG wrapped its investigation into Tether's internal finances, with the stablecoin issuer admitting no wrongdoing.

News  ·  23 February 2021

Bitcoin Drops, DeFi Loans Liquidated, NFTs Sell

Bitcoin tumbled below $50,000, before bouncing back some. But not before some $25 million in DeFi loans were liquidated.

News  ·  22 February 2021

Bitcoin Is Worth $1T and OKCoin Delists BCH and BSV

Bitcoin, now worth more than most U.S. corporations, first reached "dollar parity" 10 years ago.

News  ·  19 February 2021

The Bull Case for DeFi: Matthew Roszak

Capital "treadmills," yield and ETH at a lifetime high.

News  ·  18 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Why Buy an NFT?

Investors may be realizing the same deflationary market mechanisms that apply to bitcoin’s scarcity creates similar opportunities in NFTs.

News  ·  17 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin Volatility Hasn’t Shaken Out Institutions

Bitcoin set a new high above $50,000 after erratic trading earlier this week, though options markets are not anticipating a drawdown anytime soon.

News  ·  16 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Canada Approves Bitcoin ETF, Options Markets Not Pricing for $100K BTC

Also: Did the CFTC "pop" the 2017 bitcoin bubble?

News  ·  12 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Mastercard, BNY Mellon Embrace Crypto; Amazon Floats ‘Digital Currency’ Project

Recently deceased porn mogul Larry Flynt once said, “Hypocrisy is a detriment to progress." His story may have something to offer crypto.

News  ·  11 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: The US vs. Bitcoin?

A CNBC contributor said the U.S. government wouldn't stomach losing the dollar's supremacy to bitcoin. Others say "the ship has sailed" on an outright ban.

News  ·  10 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Will Bitcoin See ‘Reflexive’ Buys After Tesla?

Analysts say the market is pricing in the potential for other corporate BTC investments.

News  ·  9 February 2021

Blockchain Bites: Tesla Drives $1.5B Into Bitcoin, Brian Brooks Comments on Monetary Debasement

Tesla plowed $1.5 billion into bitcoin, ETH futures went live on CME, Brian Brooks comments on dollar debasement.

News  ·  8 February 2021