Bitcoin Law

Bitcoin Use Will Be ‘Totally Optional’ in El Salvador, Finance Minister Says

According to Alejandro Zelaya, businesses will not be penalized if they do not accept bitcoin.

News  ·  18 August 2021

Moody’s Lowers El Salvador Rating, Maintains Negative Outlook Partly Due to Bitcoin Law

The rating agency said that the law and other policy decisions had “weakened governance” and increased tensions with other countries.

News  ·  31 July 2021

El Salvador Could Face ‘Limitation’ on Bitcoin’s Use as Medium of Exchange: JPMorgan

The bank points to bitcoin's illiquid nature, volatility and U.S. dollar conversion risk as major limitations for its use as legal tender.

News  ·  12 July 2021

Survey Suggests Most Salvadorans Wary of Bitcoin as Legal Tender

The poll, which took the results from 1,233 people between July 1 and July 4, also showed 46% knew "nothing" about bitcoin.

News  ·  9 July 2021
Bitcoin Law

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Effective September, E-Wallets to Get $30 Worth of Crypto

President Nayib Bukele made the announcement during a national address on Thursday.

News  ·  25 June 2021

Deputy of El Salvador’s Opposition Party Sues Country Over Bitcoin Law

One plaintiff says El Salvador's president failed to consider the law's harmful effects.

News  ·  22 June 2021

California Bill Update Eases Burden for Bitcoin Startups

A bill currently before the California Senate has been amended to include a provisional application process for early-stage bitcoin startups.

Policy & regulation  ·  7 July 2015

Why Bitcoin Needs Lawyers to Bridge the Technology Gap

As bitcoin continues to be taken more seriously by banks and regulators, the industry needs lawyers to help smooth out bumps on its way to mainstream.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 December 2014

NY Law Panel: Bitcoin Won’t Get Banking Without Compliance

The banks are often blamed for holding back bitcoin businesses, but they have their reasons, a panel finds.

Business  ·  22 October 2014