Bison Trails

Coinbase’s Bison Trails Adds Developer Tool for Solana Blockchain

The network is now among the 20 or so supported by Bison Trails’ “Query & Transact” product.

Tech  ·  20 July 2021

Banks Edge Closer to Ethereum 2.0 Staking

Switzerland-based Sygnum Bank is helping institutional clients get staking rewards from the new Ethereum network. And they’re not alone.

Business  ·  16 June 2021
Federal Reserve

About 80% of Central Banks Are Exploring CBDC Use Cases, Bison Trails Report Says

The potential launch of private cryptocurrencies such as the Facebook-backed Diem is motivating central banks to develop CBDCs, the report noted.

News  ·  19 May 2021

Coinbase Buys Blockchain Infrastructure Startup Bison Trails

Bison Trails already partnered with Coinbase through its custody service.

Business  ·  19 January 2021

Bison Trails Now Supports ‘Flow’ Blockchain From CryptoKitties Maker Dapper Labs

Bison Trails users can now build apps, games and more on Dapper Labs' scalable blockchain.

Tech  ·  11 August 2020

Bison Trails Hires Ex-Goldman Sachs VP as Legal Head

Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails has hired BlockTower Capital’s former compliance director to be its first general counsel.

Business  ·  4 August 2020

Blockchain Tech Vendor Bison Trails Adds Ethereum 2.0 Support

Bison Trails announced it would provide services to help its clients transition to the Ethereum 2.0 network.

News  ·  1 July 2020

NEAR Protocol Enlists Bison Trails for Validator Support as It Heads Toward Full Mainnet

Bison Trails will help host the NEAR Protocol’s early validator set, currently consisting of over 150 nodes including some 40 of the project’s investors.

Tech  ·  9 June 2020

Industry Group Led by Polychain, Coinbase Seeks to Get Ahead on Staking Regulations

The Proof of Stake Alliance has released a set of recommendations for entities securing a proof-of-stake network to avoid drawing the ire of regulators.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 May 2020

Network Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi Taps Libra Member Bison Trails for Staking Services

DeFi protocol Keep Network has tapped Bison Trails to provide non-custodial staking services for tBTC, an ERC-20 representation of bitcoin (BTC) deposits.

Tech  ·  28 April 2020

Coinbase Custody to Support Polkadot Staking With up to 20% Returns

Coinbase Custody is partnering with Bison Trails to add staking support for Polkadot’s native DOT tokens in anticipation of the network’s mainnet launch.

Business  ·  14 April 2020

‘One Network, Many Chains’ – The Case for Blockchain Interoperability

Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) is poised to be a major theme of 2020. And, like most trends in crypto, it has its fair share of hope, hype and haters.

Tech  ·  30 January 2020
Bison Trails

Coinbase Custody, Bison Trails Join Proof of Stake Alliance to Push for Clearer Crypto Regulations

Coinbase Custody and Bison Trails have joined the Proof of Stake Alliance, a lobbyist organization hoping to clarify the legal treatment of staking rewards in the U.S.

News  ·  30 January 2020

Anchorage, Bison Trails Execs to Helm Libra’s New ‘Technical Steering Committee’

The Libra Association has formed a steering committee to oversee the creation of its technical roadmap.

News  ·  17 January 2020