Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Appoints Martin Piszel as CEO

Piszel succeeds Stacey Hoisak who becomes president and chief legal officer at the company.

People  ·  20 July 2021
Jack Mallers

Strike’s Jack Mallers on Fixing the Fiat Problem

Jack Mallers discusses Bitcoin, El Salvador and how Strike can capture the power of open networks to spread further than fintech.

People  ·  15 July 2021

Vitalik Buterin Is Involved in a New Documentary About Ethereum

“Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” is trying to raise 750 ETH through the crypto crowdfunding site Mirror.

People  ·  14 July 2021

CryptoPunks Get Punked

Conceptual artist Ryder Ripps minted his own version of a CryptoPunk and was summarily hit with a copyright notification.

People  ·  6 July 2021

Fashion Redefines Finance: The Logic of Digital Luxury

Success in the new world of finance requires understanding the internet zeitgeist and how media content becomes popular and unpopular, says our columnist.

People  ·  6 July 2021

Why I’m Skeptical of FATF’s ‘Extreme Right Wing’ Watch

The existence of hate organizations should not give grounds for increased financial surveillance.

People  ·  30 June 2021

‘They’d Rather Buy Bitcoin and Take That Risk’: An Interview With Paxful’s Nena Nwachukwu

Last year’s End SARS protests over police brutality were a catalyst for Bitcoin adoption in Nigeria, says Nwachukwu, ahead of CoinDesk’s Crypto State event.

People  ·  30 June 2021

Dogecoin Millionaire Wants to Bring Back Culture of Giving With New Game

Gary Lachance, an early dogecoin backer and founder of the Decentralized Dance Party, is giving away 1 million doge to seed his latest venture.

People  ·  30 June 2021

Gerald Cotten and Quadriga: Unraveling Crypto’s Biggest Mystery

A new podcast series gets inside the head of Gerald Cotten, the disgraced former head of Quadriga. It's not a pretty place.

People  ·  29 June 2021

Crypto Social Networks Aren’t Cool

Blockchain technology is transformative, it's subversive, it's surprising – but it is not cool.

People  ·  28 June 2021

Why Surrealist Philip Colbert Is Tapping ’80s Band Devo to Bring Lobsters to the Metaverse

Devo and Colbert are doing an NFT artwork and musical performance in a new world in Decentraland.

People  ·  28 June 2021

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd Says Bitcoin Could Sink to $15K

In February, the now-bearish Minerd said BTC could climb as high as $600,000.

People  ·  25 June 2021

‘Bitcoin Is the Revolution’: An Interview With Alex Gladstein

Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation says Bitcoin can support the cause of freedom around the world. Here's how to get involved.

People  ·  24 June 2021

Protecting Free Speech With Decentralized Tech

The U.S. has strong, public institutions to protect speech, but the age of internet may also require public infrastructure.

People  ·  24 June 2021
John McAfee

‘I Regret Nothing’: McAfee’s Wild Ride From Infosec Exec to Crypto Bad Boy

McAfee, known as much for a life of drugs, women and guns as for the software that bears his name, was a popular cryptocurrency showman.

People  ·  23 June 2021