Mastercard and Ripple’s Xpring Join Industry Group to Promote Blockchain Education

Mastercard, the innovation arms of Ripple and Binance, and eight other firms joined a group supporting blockchain education in universities worldwide.

Business  ·  13 February 2020

Ripple Invests in Biometric Cybersecurity Startup’s $2.2 Million Round

Keyless, a London-based cybersecurity startup, claims to be the first firm to combine biometrics and cryptography.

Business  ·  30 October 2019

Ripple Invests $750,000 to Bring XRP to Crypto Wallet BRD

Mobile wallet provider BRD plans to add XRP support to its iOS and Android apps.

Markets  ·  11 October 2019

Ripple’s Xpring Launches Crypto, Fiat Payments That Integrate Into Any App

Xpring says its tech uses XRP ledger to make it possible for developers to integrate payments into any application.

Business  ·  2 October 2019

Ripple’s Xpring Looks to Build XRP DeFi Products With New Acquisition

Nine Logos engineers are joining Xpring to develop DeFi products based on XRP.

Business  ·  27 September 2019
Venture Capital

Bain Capital and Ripple’s Xpring Invest in DeFi Founder’s ‘Scout Fund’

With a million dollars from Bain Capital and Ripple's VC arm, Robert Leshner is making small bets on early-stage crypto entrepreneurs.

Markets  ·  10 April 2019
Funding Rounds

Coinbase Backs Security Token Startup’s $12.7 Million Funding Round

Security token startup Securitize has raised $12.75 million in Series A funding backed by Coinbase Ventures and Ripple's Xpring, among others.

Business  ·  26 November 2018

Ripple Launches ‘Xpring’ Initiative to Invest in XRP-Focused Startups

Ripple has launched an initiative to provide financial assistance to "serious" startups and projects – as long as they boost its own ecosystem.

Markets  ·  15 May 2018