Integrated Ventures Set to Buy $35M Worth of Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Yet another U.S. mining firm is ramping up its Bitcoin hashrate.

News  ·  13 April 2021

Bit Digital Completes $13.9M Deal for New Mining Machines

The company acquired nearly 18,000 new ASICs in an all-stock transaction.

Markets  ·  7 December 2020
Bitcoin Mining

Marathon Brings New Bitcoin Mining Rigs Online, Sees Itself Becoming Cash-Flow Positive

The company expects 1,000 more S19 machines by December.

Markets  ·  24 August 2020

Bitcoin’s Plunge Was Foreshadowed by Miner Inventory Data

Bitcoin’s recent price drop has caught many investors off guard. However, a key metric showing worry among the miners gave a warning several weeks ago.

Markets  ·  9 March 2020

Founder of Bitmain Rival MicroBT Arrested for Alleged Embezzlement

The arrest, noted by the Shenzhen Nanshan District Prosecutor on Dec. 12 and reported by business publication Caixin on Sunday, comes amid ongoing battles between mining giant Bitmain and MicroBT, which has been a rising competitor this year challenging Bitmain's market dominance.

Business  ·  16 December 2019

Founder of Bitmain Rival Held by Police Over Possible IP Dispute

The founder and CEO of bitcoin miner maker MicroBT is being held by police. A source says it's to assist an investigation over a business dispute.

Tech  ·  8 November 2019