The Node

OnlyFans’ Porn U-Turn Is a Victory Against Banking Censorship

Banks helped force a hugely disruptive porn ban on OnlyFans. With public fury focused on their outsized power, the banks seem to have backed down.

Opinion  ·  25 August 2021

OnlyFans Stops Sex Acts and Politicizes Payments

OnlyFans has abandoned the sex workers that made it huge, largely thanks to pressure from banks and payment providers. That's a terrifying precedent, says our columnist.

Opinion  ·  20 August 2021

Cathie Wood vs. Michael Burry Isn’t About Tesla – It’s About Inflation

Two top-tier investors are clashing over the potential of innovative "growth stocks." But what they're really talking about is the Fed.

Opinion  ·  18 August 2021

Props Shutdown Throws Reg A+ Funding Model Into Limbo

Props, a social media token project, was one of the first to receive a Reg A+ qualification. It's now shutting down.

Opinion  ·  17 August 2021

Bitcoin ATMs and the Road to Adoption

At least for now, crypto in Puerto Rico is less about doing business than about education.

Opinion  ·  16 August 2021

50 Years After Bretton Woods, the US Dollar’s Throne Is in Play

The greenback's share of world reserves is dropping steadily. The euro, yuan and bitcoin are all in the running to pick up the slack.

Opinion  ·  13 August 2021

$600M Poly Heist Shows DeFi Needs Hackers to Become Unhackable

If computers will continue to do more important things, we'll require those programs to be secure. Learning what not to do is one way there.

Opinion  ·  12 August 2021

There’s Still Time to Fix Congress’s Crypto-Tax Mess

The Senate has failed to amend a provision that could cripple the U.S. cryptocurrency sector. But the game's not over yet.

Opinion  ·  11 August 2021

The Node: Crypto Gets Political

Crypto is about to reshape the face of U.S. politics, as those with the most at stake learn they need to pay to protect their interests.

Opinion  ·  10 August 2021

Why Enterprises Should Build on Public Blockchains

Private networks, a lot like corporate private intranets, may never go away but they will never be as relevant as the public internet or open chains like Ethereum.

Opinion  ·  9 August 2021

The US Senate Goes to War Over Crypto Taxation

With two competing amendments and pressure from the White House and Treasury, crypto taxation is suddenly the crux of the massive infrastructure bill.

Opinion  ·  6 August 2021

The Node: I Don’t Understand Bitcoin Maximalism

Bitcoiner's bitcoiners give me their spiel.

Opinion  ·  5 August 2021

‘Cautiously Optimistic’: Crypto Brings Lobbying Muscle to Infrastructure Debate

Bitcoin does not have a CEO but it does have lawyers.

Opinion  ·  3 August 2021

The Node: The First Step to Making Sense of the Token Economy

Founders can build open-source platforms without fees and still get rich. Here's how.

Opinion  ·  2 August 2021

Fundamentally Incompatible: How the Proposed Crypto Tax Rules Miss the Mark

A late addition to the infrastructure bill moving through Congress would impose impossible reporting requirements on miners and wallets.

Opinion  ·  30 July 2021