CoinFlash Launches Tool to Simplify Crypto Taxes

The tax calculator is launching in Canada, but will later see a wider rollout.

News  ·  10 March 2021

India Plans Twin Taxes on Exchanges and Traders Before Passing Crypto Bill: Report

A senior Finance Ministry official told a newspaper that taxation does not necessarily imply legality.

Policy & regulation  ·  17 February 2021

Bitcoin ‘Underperforms’ During Tax Time: Analysis

Bitcoin's price is going down for many reasons including traders who realized gains last year selling to pay their tax bills.

Markets  ·  27 January 2021

PayPal, Coinbase Invest in Crypto Tax Automation Startup TaxBit

PayPal Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and Winklevoss Capital invested an undisclosed amount in the firm.

Business  ·  7 January 2021

South Korea’s 20% Crypto Tax Now Coming in 2023: Report

The cryptocurrency tax was originally planned to be implemented in late 2021.

Policy & regulation  ·  7 January 2021

Israelis Must Now Disclose Crypto Holdings: Report

Dozens of Israelis who own digital currencies have recently received notification telling them they must fully disclose their assets for taxation purposes.

News  ·  27 December 2020

IRS Again Warns Crypto Investors They Under-Reported Gains

For the second year in a row, the IRS is telling crypto investors they under-reported crypto gains. But it may be a false alarm again.

News  ·  24 November 2020

PayPal’s Crypto Offering May Be ‘a Huge Headache’ for Taxpayers

PayPal opening its network to cryptocurrencies could create a serious tax headache for users.

Policy & regulation  ·  26 October 2020

Coinbase Reportedly Warns Some UK Users It's Handing Their Details to the Taxman

U.K. users of the exchange who have received £5,000 or more in the past tax year will have their information passed to the tax authority.

Business  ·  2 October 2020

US Lawmakers Don’t Want Proof-of-Stake Networks to Get Overtaxed

Four U.S. congressmen have asked the IRS to clarify how block rewards from proof-of-stake networks are taxed, to prevent taxpayers from owing more than they should.

Policy & regulation  ·  4 August 2020

Crypto Taxes: Still Confused After All These Years

Many tax professionals claim the recent guidance didn’t provide much clarity and created more confusion than it dispelled.

Policy & regulation  ·  14 July 2020

Swiss Government Makes Moves to Encourage Crypto Businesses

The Swiss government is making key legislative changes to financial laws to improve legal conditions for blockchain businesses.

Policy & regulation  ·  1 July 2020

IRS Solicits Contractors to Help Examine Crypto Traders’ Tax Returns

The IRS is emailing crypto startups with an offer to "assist our Revenue Agents in calculating taxpayers' gains or losses as a result of their transactions involving virtual currency."

News  ·  13 May 2020

Singapore Won’t Tax Airdrops or Hard Forks Under New Crypto Guidance

Singapore’s tax authority has clarified how it taxes the transaction of payment, utility and security tokens.

News  ·  20 April 2020

BitGo Cements Hold on Institutional Market With Lumina Acquisition

BitGo is expanding aggressively out of its core custodial business, announcing Thursday it acquired Lumina to build a tax service.

News  ·  16 April 2020