Some of DeFi’s Leading Investors Are Backing a New Options Protocol

Framework Ventures and ParaFi Capital are leading the round in a bid to see if DeFi options trading can finally click.

Business  ·  26 July 2021

Synthetix Rallies as DeFi Protocol Announces Layer 2 Launch

"SNX's upside is in part supported by the latest update from the team in relation to the planned collaboration with Optimism," one analyst said.

Markets  ·  12 July 2021

Growth in Euro Stablecoins Spurs Dreams of Digital Forex Market

But challenges remain on financing and regulations.

Business  ·  9 July 2021

Revolut Adds 11 Cryptocurrencies to Its Trading Offerings

Cardano (ADA), uniswap (UNI) and filecoin (FIL) were among those added.

News  ·  9 April 2021

Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm Invest $12M in Synthetix DeFi Platform

Three prominent venture capitalist firms bought tokens directly from the DAO's treasury.

News  ·  14 February 2021

Optimism ‘Soft Launches’ Ethereum Throughput Solution With DeFi’s Synthetix

A potential fix for Ethereum's costly congestion problems.

Tech  ·  15 January 2021

Multiple Tokens See Rally Amid Looming ‘Alt Season’

Bitcoin and ether may be pulling back from their all-time highs but alternative cryptos are starting to see action.

Markets  ·  12 January 2021

Terra Brings 24-Hour Trading to Synthetic Versions of Stocks Like TSLA and AAPL

The creators of the stablecoin platform Terra are launching Mirror Protocol, a way to mint crypto assets that mimic U.S. stocks.

Tech  ·  3 December 2020

Brent Crude Oil Futures Now Tradable on DeFi Exchange Synthetix

One of two global oil benchmarks, Brent Crude Futures are now available through DeFi exchange Synthetix.

Tech  ·  12 November 2020

First Mover: Collapsing Bitcoin Futures Premium Offers Glimpse of New Digital Money Market

Dollar-linked "stablecoins" are being used in exotic cryptocurrency trades, similar to the way money markets serve as liquidity on Wall Street.

Markets  ·  20 August 2020

Trio of Bitcoin Tokens Lures DeFi Yield Farmers to New Pastures

A pool of sBTC, renBTC and WBTC is helping Synthetix draw the attention of DeFi's growing horde of yield farmers.

Tech  ·  26 June 2020

Trading Contest on Synthetix Aims to Showcase Speed of New DEX Tech

Synthetix is putting over $40,000 in crypto on the line to entice users to try out the faster beta of its decentralized exchange (DEX).

Tech  ·  18 May 2020

Synthetix Trader Rolls Back Broken Trades That Netted $1 Billion Profit

A rogue API caused Synthetix pricing to go wild. A bot profited, but the bot owner rolled back the trades.

Markets  ·  25 June 2019