Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Dole Plans to Use Blockchain Food Tracing in All Divisions by 2025

Pineapple and produce purveyor Dole wants to expand its use of blockchain to track goods from all three business divisions in just five years.

News  ·  24 April 2020
Supply Chain

Why Tech-Minded Climate Groups See COVID-19 as a Trial Run for Massive Change

Reaching the Paris Agreement's lofty climate goals will require the decentralization of decision-making at all levels, say INATBA and others.

Business  ·  16 April 2020

World Economic Forum Looks to Blockchain for Supply Chain Woes

The World Economic Forum said Monday that blockchain and digitization can help supply chains survive crises like COVID-19.

News  ·  7 April 2020

Everledger Looks Beyond Blood Diamonds With ESG Supply Chain Collaboration

Everledger, known for tracking diamonds on the blockchain, says the supply chain for batteries is where it will focus next.

Business  ·  25 March 2020
Enterprise Blockchain

Hyperledger Conference Shows Where Blockchain Can Fight Global Warming

Social impact took center stage at this year's Hyperledger Global Forum, with perhaps less of an emphasis on banking consortia and trade finance blockchains.

Business  ·  4 March 2020

Canada Forges $130,000 Development Deal for Steel-Tracking Blockchain

The Canadian government has awarded enterprise blockchain startup Mavennet a procurement contract for the development of an on-chain steel-tracking platform.

Tech  ·  21 January 2020
Supply Chain

Oman’s Largest Port Joins Blockchain Shipping Platform TradeLens

Port of Salalah has signed up to TradeLens – a blockchain supply chain platform founded by IBM and Maersk.

Business  ·  8 January 2020

VeChain Foundation Hacked for $6.5M in VET Token Theft

A VeChain buyback wallet containing 1.1 billion VET was compromised by an unknown hacker, the firm said Friday.

Business  ·  13 December 2019
Supply Chain

When Lambo? Crypto’s Favorite Automaker to Track Cars on Salesforce Blockchain

Automobili Lamborghini, the manufacturer of the most craved sports cars in crypto, will trial blockchain tech in its supply chain operations.

Business  ·  19 November 2019
Supply Chain

Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Tracking Effort to Baby Milk

Nestle and Carrefour are using IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform to track organic baby milk products "from dairy to shelf."

Business  ·  15 November 2019
Supply Chain

UPS Ships Beef to Japan, Tracked and Monitored Using Blockchain Tech

The shipping giant says it has tracked and delivered a full shipment of beef from Kansas to a Tokyo steakhouse with help from blockchain firm HerdX.

Business  ·  12 November 2019
Supply Chain

US Homeland Security Taps Canadian Blockchain Firm to Track Oil Imports

DHS has hired Mavennet to track oil imports into the U.S. by retrofitting existing tracking technology with blockchain.

Business  ·  11 November 2019

Tradewind, Canadian Mint to Verify Origins of Precious Metals on Blockchain

Tradewind Markets is tracking the geography, name and standards of mines that produce precious metals for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Business  ·  5 November 2019
Supply Chain

Coca-Cola Supply Chain Firm Expands Blockchain Effort to 70 Partners

The firm organizing Coca-Cola's bottle manufacturing and distribution is scaling up its blockchain pilot after finding early benefits.

Business  ·  5 November 2019

Microsoft Unveils Platform for Minting Enterprise-Ready Crypto Tokens

Microsoft has revealed a new platform aimed to make building blockchain tokens in the cloud as easy as plugging in a printer.

Business  ·  4 November 2019