R3 Corda

Swiss Exchange SDX Joins Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Looks Beyond R3 Corda

“You cannot ignore the Ethereum ecosystem as a driver of digital asset flow,” said SDX chief Tim Grant.

Business  ·  20 April 2021

R3 Corda Now Has a Bridge to Public Blockchains With Arrival of Ethereum-Based XDC

Former RBS bankers from blockchain startup LAB577 built the bridge.

Business  ·  30 March 2021
R3 Corda

Former Bitcoin Developer Mike Hearn Steps Down From Enterprise Blockchain Firm R3

Hearn will become CEO of a new firm while remaining a technical adviser to R3.

Business  ·  12 February 2021

SDX Chief Gets Philosophical About Crypto’s Swiss-Singapore Connection

The crypto corridor connecting Switzerland and Singapore is firming up, involving many of the usual suspects in banking, custody and trading.

Business  ·  11 December 2020
Enterprise Blockchain

IBM-R3 Pact Shows Tech Trumps Tribe in Enterprise Blockchain

A new collaboration this week between R3 and IBM is raising eyebrows in the world of enterprise blockchain.

Business  ·  23 October 2020
Blockchain Applications

Around 100 Italian Banks Are Officially on a Blockchain

The Italian Banking Association claims that about 100 local banks are now operating on a blockchain network designed to speed up interbank transactions and processes.

News  ·  13 October 2020
Coda Protocol

Coda Protocol Changes Name After Trademark Dispute With R3

O(1) Labs-led lightweight blockchain Coda Protocol said it is relaunching as “Mina” following a settlement in a trademark dispute with software maker R3.

News  ·  29 September 2020

85% of Italian Banks Are Exchanging Interbank Transfer Data on Corda

Banks across Italy are using R3’s Corda blockchain to vastly speed the process of double-checking transaction logs.

Business  ·  27 July 2020

Staying Alive: Why the World of Enterprise Blockchain Has Turned to Collaborations

Enterprise blockchain isn’t dead, but survival has meant more collaboration and some smart pivots. A dispatch from this week’s Consensus: Distributed.

Business  ·  14 May 2020

R3 Corda Partners With Kaleido After Ethereum Startup Spins Out of ConsenSys

R3, the company behind the Corda blockchain, is edging ever closer to Ethereum, with news of a partnership with enterprise software startup Kaleido.

Business  ·  12 May 2020
Digital Assets

Nasdaq Is Using R3’s Corda for Managing Digital Assets

Nasdaq has partnered with R3 to offer a platform for digital asset marketplaces on the Corda blockchain.

Business  ·  29 April 2020
Security Tokens

R3 Teams With Custodian Hex Trust to Help Asian Banks Sell Security Tokens

Hong Kong-based Hex Trust is partnering with the enterprise blockchain company to offer banking clients another option for issuing security tokens.

Business  ·  3 April 2020

HSBC Puts $10B of Private Placements on R3’s Corda Blockchain

HSBC is using blockchain as opposed to a traditional database because it plans to tokenize the $10B in private placements after it digitizes them.

Business  ·  27 March 2020

Sweden’s Central Bank Finally Embraces DLT, but Only in Simulation Mode

Riksbank's e-krona pilot will run on distributed ledger tech, but the entire project will be operated as only a simulation through at least 2021.

Policy & regulation  ·  21 February 2020
R3 Corda

Daimler Carries Out First Transaction on Marco Polo Blockchain Trade Network

Automaker Daimler has carried out its first commercial transaction on the blockchain-based Marco Polo trade finance network.

Business  ·  25 September 2019