Coinseed Shuts Down Following Lawsuit, Slams NYAG Letitia James

The company’s website now advertises an airdrop of the “F***LetitaJames” token.

News  ·  8 June 2021

Tether’s First Reserve Breakdown Shows Token 49% Backed by Unspecified Commercial Paper

The new composition report is part of Tether’s efforts to stay in compliance with a settlement with the New York Attorney General.

News  ·  13 May 2021

Tether Takes Step Toward Transparency With First Accounting Firm Report Card

The report is similar to those produced by other stablecoin issuers like Centre or Paxos.

News  ·  30 March 2021

What a Transparent Tether Means for Bitcoin

NYAG wrapped its investigation into Tether's internal finances, with the stablecoin issuer admitting no wrongdoing.

News  ·  23 February 2021

NY AG’s $850M Probe of Bitfinex, Tether Ends in an $18.5M Settlement

In a closely watched case with wide-ranging implications for the crypto market, Tether has admitted no wrongdoing and will provide reports on USDT’s reserve composition for two years.

Markets  ·  23 February 2021

New York Attorney General Says Bitfinex, Tether Could Complete Loan Document Handover in ‘Weeks’

The NYAG has said Tether and Bitfinex have been cooperating in its inquiry, which is expected to progress more quickly once the documents are provided.

News  ·  11 December 2020

Judge Orders Bitfinex to Turn Over Tether Loan Documents (Again)

A New York judge ordered Bitfinex and Tether to turn over financial documents to the New York Attorney General's office, but left the timing to the parties to coordinate.

News  ·  17 September 2020

New York Attorney General to Bitfinex and Tether: ‘Delays Must Stop’

Bitfinex and Tether shouldn’t need more than two months to produce documents about USDT issuances and past operations in New York first ordered 17 months ago, an NYAG lawyer argued in a letter Monday.

News  ·  15 September 2020

NY AG Asks Court for New Order to Make Bitfinex Turn Over Tether Loan Documents

The New York Attorney General's office wants Tether and Bitfinex to immediately turn over documents detailing a $900 million line of credit.

News  ·  9 September 2020

Tether to File Motion to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit Based on NYAG Claims

The company claims that plaintiffs cannot prove Tether transactions caused bitcoin’s surge or that damages were incurred.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 November 2019

Bitfinex Doesn’t Have to Compile Documents During Appeal, Judge Says

A New York judge has rejected the state attorney general's request to have Bitfinex and Tether compile documents during an ongoing appeal.

Policy & regulation  ·  10 October 2019

NYAG to Court: Don’t Let Bitfinex Keep Stonewalling Our Investigation

Bitfinex may be enjoying a break from having to give documents to investigators, but it should be preparing for when the reprieve ends, the NYAG said.

Markets  ·  2 October 2019

Bitfinex Can Stop Turning Over Documents to NYAG, Court Rules

A division of the New York Supreme Court has ruled Bitfinex can stop turning over documents to state investigators.

Markets  ·  24 September 2019

NYAG Pushes Back on Bitfinex’s Claim That State’s Investigation Is Burdensome

The New York Attorney General office pushed back on Bitfinex's complaints about the cost of complying with the agency's demands for documents.

Markets  ·  1 August 2019

$500K, 60 Lawyers: Filing Reveals Costs of Bitfinex’s Fight With NY Regulators

Bitfinex has spent half a million dollars producing documents in its ongoing battle with the New York Attorney General's office, a new filing says.

Markets  ·  30 July 2019