NFT-Focused Topps Abandons Plan to Go Public in SPAC Merger

The longtime trading card company pulled out of its deal following the loss of its exclusive contract to make cards for Major League Baseball.

Business  ·  20 August 2021

Mark Cuban’s NFT Platform Completes Polygon Integration

Executives say the move could help drive mainstream adoption of digital collectibles.

News  ·  5 August 2021

Gaming Community Pledges $203M in Ember Sword’s Virtual NFT Land Sale

Nearly 35,000 people submitted applications to purchase 6,000 virtual plots.

Business  ·  4 August 2021

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Releases Classical Music NFTs on Rarible

The opening bid for an NFT featuring the video of an emotional musical concert held in May will be $50,000.

News  ·  28 July 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Analysts Expect a Short-Squeeze

Bitcoin sellers are expected to cover positions, which could lead to higher prices next week.

Markets  ·  23 July 2021

NFT Craze Remains a Nonfactor for Ether’s Price

A theory about how NFT sales are sinking ether's price emerges in a dull market.

Markets  ·  22 July 2021

Want to Own a Piece of CNN’s News History? There’s an NFT for That

The cable news network is launching an NFT collection on the Flow blockchain, and buyers can pay with fiat.

News  ·  18 June 2021

No DOGE Allowed? Thai SEC Bans Meme, Fan and Exchange Tokens as Well as NFTs

The move by the Thai SEC is just the latest action by the regulator as it works to provide a framework for crypto in the kingdom.

News  ·  12 June 2021

Consensus 2021: Welcome to Our Metaverse

"Long the Metaverse,” featuring crypto artists including Coldie and Alotta Money, is an exploration of art and virtual reality for Consensus 2021.

People  ·  24 May 2021

Huobi Group’s Investment Arm Dedicates $100M to DeFi, Mergers

Huobi Ventures will consolidate the firm's investment strategy.

News  ·  13 May 2021

The Anything-Can-Happen Days

We are rich in charming solutions to vexing problems. Enjoy this time because it won't last forever.

Tech  ·  7 May 2021

The NFT Craze Is Helping Nigerian Artists Go Global

Nigerian artists are minting NFTs, but they are cautious about the hype around them.

Markets  ·  13 April 2021
Jack Dorsey

Bidding on NFT of First-Ever Tweet Ends Today; Top Offer Remains at $2.5M

The first-ever tweet was sent by Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey 15 years ago today.

News  ·  21 March 2021

This (Small-ish) Swiss Cybersecurity Stock Jumped 80% After NFT-Related Press Release

WISeKey's stock surged nearly 70% after it mentioned NFT in its press release, which is unusual for the small firm.

Markets  ·  18 March 2021

The Brooklyn Bridge Is Actually for Sale, an NFT of It Anyway

Someone is auctioning the rights to a digital image of the iconic New York bridge, in an apparent homage to a 20th-century swindler. Half the proceeds would go to charity.

News  ·  15 March 2021