Mining Pools

Hut 8 Joins Foundry’s Institutional Bitcoin Mining Pool With Over 14,000 Machines

Hut 8 plans to add another 5,000 ASICs to Foundry's pool by August.

Markets  ·  23 March 2021

All Major Mining Pools Now Support Taproot, Bitcoin’s Biggest Upgrade in Years

Binance Pool represents 11% of Bitcoin’s mining hashrate. Adding it to the “yes” column pushes mining pool support for Taproot to about 91%.

Tech  ·  30 December 2020

OKEx Mining Pool Flatlines After 99.5% Hash Power Drop as Withdrawal Suspensions Spook Clients

The pool's hash power has dropped from 5,000 to barely 20 PH/s.

Markets  ·  18 November 2020
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Sees Largest Percentage Drop in 9 Years

Bitcoin's mining difficulty just recorded its largest percentage decrease since the advent of ASIC mining machines in late 2012.

Tech  ·  3 November 2020

BitClub Programmer Admits Mining Scheme Stole $722M in Bitcoin

The Romanian programmer pleaded guilty to wire fraud and the offering and sale of unregistered securities.

News  ·  9 July 2020

Bitcoin SV President Hits Out at Binance as Former Critic Becomes Top Miner

The new spat erupted after Binance's new pool became the biggest miner for BSV, despite the exchange delisting the token a year ago.

News  ·  19 June 2020

Mining Pools Distribute $2.4M Transaction Fee After Flood of Phoney Refund Claims [Updated]

Mining pool Ethermine said it would never freeze transaction fees again.

Business  ·  15 June 2020
Bitcoin Mining

New Software Fix Offers Bitcoin Miners Increased Security

Startup Braiins has released the first functioning code for a new protocol designed to fix longstanding security problems with bitcoin mining pools.

Tech  ·  6 April 2020

Binance Crypto Exchange Is Launching Its First Bitcoin Mining Pool

Binance has been offering "generous" referral bonuses for its new crypto mining pool.

Business  ·  1 April 2020

Roger Ver’s Mining Pool Pulls Support for Bitcoin Cash Dev Fund Over Chain Split Threat

Ver said he was "mostly just along for the ride" as some mining pools stepped back from the prospect of competing hard forks.

Tech  ·  28 January 2020

Bitcoin Cash Miners Propose Controversial Soft Fork for Zcash-Style Development Fund

The proposed fork will see 12.5 percent of block rewards diverted to a new BCH-specific development fund. Reactions have been mixed.

Tech  ·  23 January 2020

Bitcoin’s First Public Mining Pool Is Rebranding

The company behind Slush Pool, the first cryptocurrency mining pool to make its services publicly available, is rebranding.

Tech  ·  3 June 2019

Sparkpool to Freeze Mysterious 2,100 Ether Mining Payout for Now

Mining pool Sparkpool says it's temporarily freezing an unusually high mining payout worth $300,000 in case it was sent in error.

Tech  ·  20 February 2019

Bitcoin Is Becoming More Decentralized, Indicates New Research

Bitcoin has become more decentralized by several measures, according to a research report from Canaccord Genuity Group.

Tech  ·  6 February 2019

Asus Allows Gamers to Mine Crypto With Their Idle Graphics Cards

Taiwan-based tech giant Asus is now letting gamers use their graphics cards to earn a share of profits from cryptocurrency mining.

Markets  ·  30 November 2018