Internet 2030

Into the Money-verse: Central Banks Under Siege in 2028

It's 2028. Once dominant sovereign currencies face intense competition. Meanwhile, someone is attacking the Fed's e-Gov platform.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 March 2021

The Terminators: A Short Story

Sia co-founder David Vorick's short story takes the perspective of the decentralized web recounting its own, inevitable rise.

People  ·  8 November 2020

An Internet for Humans: Proof-of-Personhood Explained

Identity is one of our most fundamental human rights. In the age of surveillance, commodification and centralization, it is under threat.

Tech  ·  27 October 2020
Latin America

How a Decentralized Internet Can Power Latin America’s Economy

Bitcoin, fintech and DeFi can help Latin America become an interconnected and inclusive regional economy.

Policy & regulation  ·  27 October 2020

Three Trends Killing Web Privacy and Decentralization

The decentralized design of the web gives it the potential to be more privacy-preserving than any other system. Yet, there are long-range threats at play.

Tech  ·  22 October 2020

What the History of Headphones Says About the Internet’s Future

What does the historical development of headphones tell us about the future of the internet?

Tech  ·  21 October 2020

A Day in the Life of the Splinternet

Cypherpunk historian Finn Brunton imagines a future where there are many internets, each making demands on your attention.

People  ·  18 October 2020

The Inevitability of ‘Big Blockchain’

The blockchain industry already exhibits signs of the same forces that have driven over-consolidation in the broader economy.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 October 2020

Your Wallet in 2030 Will Be Full of Free Money

Real freedom will come when monetary stimulus goes directly to the people, writes Yoni Assia, founder and CEO of eToro

People  ·  13 October 2020

How the Decentralized Web Transfers Wealth From Corporations to People

Companies today control our domain names, the content we host and our access to the internet. By 2030, that will change.

Tech  ·  6 October 2020
Internet 2030

Three Mega-Trends Shaping the Future of Money

How three forces driving digital forms of money will upend markets, geopolitics and society over the next decade.

Tech  ·  5 October 2020

The Digital Archipelago: How to Build an Internet Where Communities Thrive

Technology exists to serve people. Today, the situation is nearly reversed. Each of us is just propping up an engagement graph somewhere.

Tech  ·  3 October 2020
Big Tech

What Happens if Big Tech Only Gets Bigger?

Amy Webb, a quantitative futurist, thinks Big Tech is only going to get bigger and more powerful.

Tech  ·  30 September 2020

Better Broadband Will Pave the Way for a ‘Brand New World’

Self-help guru James Altucher sees a world where we can jump between virtual realities. Will it be a better world? Time will tell.

People  ·  29 September 2020

Crypto Co-ops and Game Theory: Why the Internet Must Learn to Collaborate to Survive

As the internet shifts to the open, decentralized standards of Web 3.0, can we find a balance between competition and cooperation?

People  ·  29 September 2020