Poly Network Sends Bounty as Attacker Holds $141M Hostage

Ethereum blockchain transaction records confirm the transfer of 160 ETH (about $480,000) to the "Poly Network Exploiter 2" wallet address.

Markets  ·  19 August 2021

Poly Network Attacker Threatens to Delay Return of Funds

"WHAT A FUNNY GAME," the Poly Network attacker wrote into a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

News  ·  18 August 2021

Poly Network Hack Not Over as Attacker Prolongs Return of Funds

The attacker now says they are considering accepting the $500,000 bounty offered by Poly Network as a reward for returning the funds, and using it to pay anyone else who can hack the DeFi site.

News  ·  16 August 2021

Crypto Fundraising DAO Loses Over $7M in Latest Crypto Exploit

Another day, another DeFi hack.

News  ·  12 August 2021

Crypto Panhandlers Beg Poly Network Attacker for Share of $613M Haul

First came the attack. Then came the moochers.

Tech  ·  10 August 2021

Thorchain’s RUNE Token Tumbles After 2nd Exploit in 2 Weeks

Latest exploit cost the blockchain protocol $8 million.

Markets  ·  23 July 2021

Blockchain Protocol Thorchain Suffers $8M Hack

Thorchain told CoinDesk a hacker deployed a custom contract that was able to trick the Bifrost into receiving a deposit of fake assets.

News  ·  23 July 2021

Stablecoin SafeDollar Hit by Cyberattack

The stablecoin's value drops to zero.

News  ·  28 June 2021
Binance Smart Chain

BurgerSwap Hit by Flash Loan Attack Netting Over $7M

The attacks marks yet another exploit of a BSC-enabled DeFi protocol.

News  ·  28 May 2021

Rari Capital Plans to Refund Stolen $10.6M in Ethereum From Dev Fund

The attack exploited Rari Capital’s integration with Alpha Finance Labs’ ibETH token.

News  ·  10 May 2021

Hackers Mined Crypto on GitHub’s Servers: Report

The activity was first noticed in November, according to the report.

News  ·  5 April 2021

DODO DEX Drained of $3.8M in DeFi Exploit

The decentralized finance platform said it expects $1.88 million of the stolen funds to be returned.

Tech  ·  9 March 2021

DeFi Transaction Batching Tool Exploited for $14M

The exploiter used a fake contract to trick the dapp into thinking it was an Aave v2 update.

News  ·  27 February 2021

Yearn Finance DAI Vault ‘Has Suffered an Exploit’; $11M Drained

“Attacker got away with 2.8m, dai vault lost 11.1m,” a Yearn Finance developer posted in Discord.

Tech  ·  4 February 2021

$10.8M Stolen, Developers Implicated in Alleged Smart Contract ‘Rug Pull’

Rogue developers seem to have rug-pulled their own project, Compounder Finance, netting some $10.8 million in funds from the project’s investors.

Tech  ·  2 December 2020