Cuáles son las monedas que podrían reemplazar al dólar como principal reserva de valor

La participación de la moneda estadounidense en las reservas mundiales no ha dejado de disminuir desde hace años. ¿Tomará el euro, yuan o bitcoin su lugar en el centro de las finanzas mundiales?

Features  ·  20 August 2021

Ranking the Currencies That Could Unseat the Global Dollar

The dollar's share of global reserves has declined steadily for years. Will the euro, yuan, or bitcoin take its place at the center of global finance?

Features  ·  15 August 2021

Growth in Euro Stablecoins Spurs Dreams of Digital Forex Market

But challenges remain on financing and regulations.

Business  ·  9 July 2021

Bitcoin Lightning Startup Zap Goes Global, Adding Multiple Fiat Pairs, Stablecoins

Visa partner Strike is adding support for multiple fiat currency pairs plus stablecoins as part of its journey to become a “Bitcoin neo-bank.”

Business  ·  6 January 2021

Gemini Exchange Launches Crypto Trading Against the Euro

The Winklevoss-founded exchange said all listed cryptocurrencies can be purchased and traded with euros.

Markets  ·  28 October 2020

ECB President: Europe Has Fallen Behind in the Digital Payments Race

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said a digital euro can place the region at the cutting edge of innovation but it may have fallen behind in the global competition for creating digital payment ecosystems.

Policy & regulation  ·  11 September 2020

Dutch Central Bank Wants to Be European Union’s CBDC Proving Ground

The Dutch Central Bank is making a bid to become the European Union’s proving ground for a central bank digital currency.

Policy & regulation  ·  21 April 2020

How Coronavirus Is Accelerating the End of Globalism, Feat. Peter Zeihan

The American-led global order has been unraveling for 30 years, and COVID-19 may be the blow that changes it once and for all.

People  ·  1 April 2020