Ether Futures

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Expected to Pause Before Next Rally

Analysts expect bitcoin to pause at around $40K before its next leg up.

Markets  ·  28 July 2021

Market Wrap: Ether Trading Volume Up, Closing In on Bitcoin; Crypto Market Struggles

Action in the ether market might take the spotlight from bitcoin over time due to very different mechanics between the two assets.

Markets  ·  25 May 2021

Market Wrap: It’s ‘Doge Day Afternoon’ as Memecoin Jumps 47%; Ether and Bitcoin Rise

Not all industry participants are amused by dogecoin’s tricks.

Markets  ·  14 May 2021

Market Wrap: ‘Ethereum Killers’ Pop as ING Report Highlights Ethereum Over Bitcoin

Atcoins are rising, ether hits another all-time high and bitcoin’s correlation to gold drops to zero.

Markets  ·  6 May 2021

Ether Price, on Cusp of Record 10-Day Winning Streak, Tops $3,500 for First Time

Ether is on track to extend its nine-day winning trend amid signs of institutions seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency.

Markets  ·  4 May 2021

Market Wrap: Ether Shoots to $3.3K While Bitcoin Hangs Below $60,000

The ether market is experiencing record numbers for spot, futures and DeFi. Bitcoin is in the backseat for now.

Markets  ·  3 May 2021

Ether Soars to New All-Time High and JPMorgan Notices

JPMorgan points to better liquidity conditions as reasons behind ETH's outperformance relative to BTC, which could provide a tailwind.

Markets  ·  28 April 2021

Valid Points: How CME Ether Futures Work and Why They Matter

A financially settled and U.S. regulated ether futures product makes all the difference.

Tech  ·  17 February 2021
Bitcoin Futures

Market Wrap: Crypto Market Cap Breaks $1.5T as Buyers Show Up for the Dip

Buyers showed up quickly to reverse the crypto market dip through Monday.

Markets  ·  15 February 2021

Market Wrap: Ether Sets New Highs as Bitcoin Stays Below $49K

Despite choppy price action, news over the past few days has been extraordinarily bullish for the leading cryptocurrency.

Markets  ·  12 February 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits Record $48.2K as CME Ether Futures at $33M Volume on First Day

With all this bullish bitcoin activity, the ETH/BTC pair has gone bearish, a sign traders are selling ether for bitcoin.

Markets  ·  9 February 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Descends to $31K as Ether Funding Rates Drop

Very low spot volume Thursday isn’t helping bitcoin's price.

Markets  ·  21 January 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Crosses $41.9K as Ether Futures Interest Grows 85% So Far in 2021

Bitcoin hit a brand-new all-time high as traders are piling into ether futures.

Markets  ·  8 January 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Solidly Trades Above $20K; Ether Jumps on Positive BTC, CME’s New ETH Product

Bitcoin is now solidly above $20,000 and a short supply and rising demand could push the price higher.

Markets  ·  16 December 2020

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $11.5K; Ether Futures Open Interest Flattens

Bitcoin's price is trending up while ether futures open interest has stopped growing in the past month.

Markets  ·  15 October 2020