Bank of Estonia Finds ‘Unlimited’ Potential in Digital Euro Test

Eesti Pank found a blockchain-based solution could support an almost unlimited numbers of payments being processed at the same time.

News  ·  28 July 2021

Estonia Has Withdrawn Licenses From Over 1,000 Crypto Companies This Year

The mass license revocation still leaves around 400 virtual currency service providers (VASPs) licensed in Estonia, according to the finance ministry.

News  ·  15 December 2020

Inside the Estonian CBDC Experiment That Could Shape the Digital Euro

How the firm helping lead Estonia's central bank digital currency research is approaching a mass-market crypto coin.

Policy & regulation  ·  7 October 2020

Estonia’s Central Bank to Research if Blockchain Can Support a Digital Euro

Eesti Pank said the initiative will gauge the suitability of the KSI Blockchain, already used within the country's e-government system, in supporting a central bank digital currency.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 October 2020
Digital Currency

Estonia Inches Closer to National ‘Crypto Token’ Launch

The Baltic nation of Estonia has revealed more concrete plans for the launch of its own digital token, dubbed "estcoin."

Tech  ·  19 December 2017

Baltic Nations Agree to Support DLT Development

Three Baltic governments have struck an accord that includes a commitment to support the development of technologies like blockchain.

Business  ·  13 November 2017

Estonia Wants to ICO, But Is Currency Law a Deal-Breaker?

Rather than issuing warnings or regulations, at least one progressive government is considering whether it can take advantage of ICO technology.

Policy & regulation  ·  17 September 2017

Nasdaq Declares Blockchain Voting Trial a ‘Success’

Exchange operator Nasdaq has come to some positive conclusions about a blockchain e-voting trial it conducted in Estonia last year.

Tech  ·  23 January 2017

Why Tech Giant Ericsson Wants Blockchain ‘Fingerprints’ in the Cloud

Swedish telecom company Ericsson has been pursuing applications of blockchain in a bid to secure cloud-based data.

Business  ·  11 October 2016

LHV Bank’s Bitcoin App Wins Innovation Award

A bitcoin-based blockchain wallet application developed by LHV Bank has won the Estonian Banking Association’s 2016 Innovation Award.

Markets  ·  15 April 2016

Estonian Supreme Court Rules Against Bitcoin Trader

The Estonian Supreme Court has ruled in favor of new restrictions on bitcoin trading in the wake of a lawsuit filed by a bitcoin broker.

Policy & regulation  ·  12 April 2016

Blockchain Startup to Secure 1 Million e-Health Records in Estonia

Guardtime is to deploy a blockchain system to secure over 1 million patient records within Estonia's eHealth programme.

Markets  ·  3 March 2016

Nasdaq to Launch Blockchain Voting Trial for Estonian Stock Market

Stock market giant Nasdaq has announced it is developing a shareholder voting system based on blockchain tech.

Markets  ·  12 February 2016

Estonian High Court Asks Government to Clarify Bitcoin Stance

The Estonian Supreme Court has asked the country’s government to provide clarity in an ongoing court case involving bitcoin trading.

Policy & regulation  ·  30 November 2015

Central Bank Denies Claim Blockchain Broadly Used in Estonia

The Estonian central bank has denied that the country’s banking system relies on the use of a blockchain to secure information.

Business  ·  7 August 2015