US Homeland Security Funds Anti-Forgery Blockchain Projects in Latest R&D Round

The five companies will use DLT in food tracing, essential worker licensure, overhauling the Social Security Number system and tracking e-commerce.

News  ·  9 October 2020

US Homeland Security Challenges Freelancers to Design It a Digital Wallet

DHS officials are putting up $25,000 in cash prizes to designers who win the month-long competition.

News  ·  17 September 2020

8 US States Follow DHS in Naming ‘Blockchain Managers’ as Essential Employees in Coronavirus Crisis

At least eight U.S. states have directed “blockchain managers” in food and agriculture to keep working through COVID-19 shutdowns following guidance from the Department of Homeland Security, though it remains unclear who this includes.

News  ·  24 March 2020

US Homeland Security Charges LocalBitcoins Seller With Money Laundering

Homeland Security and Drug Enforcement Administration officials charged a LocalBitcoins user with laundering more than $140,000 in bitcoin.

News  ·  11 March 2020

ICE’s New Intel Program Used in Every Homeland Security Crypto Investigation

ICE’s recently revealed “Cryptocurrency Intelligence Program” is deployed in all crypto-facing Homeland Security investigations, says the agent whose unit built the tool.

Policy & regulation  ·  28 February 2020

MIT Wasn’t Only One Auditing Voatz – Homeland Security Did Too, With Fewer Concerns

A newly declassified DHS cyber audit complicates Thursday’s reports of major security vulnerabilities in the Voatz mobile voting app.

News  ·  14 February 2020
Supply Chain

US Homeland Security Taps Canadian Blockchain Firm to Track Oil Imports

DHS has hired Mavennet to track oil imports into the U.S. by retrofitting existing tracking technology with blockchain.

Business  ·  11 November 2019

US Government Offering Up to $800K for Anti-Forgery Blockchain Solutions

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is seeking to fund anti-counterfeiting solutions from blockchain startups with grants of up to $800,000.

Policy & regulation  ·  6 December 2018

US Government Interested in Tracking Privacy Coins, New Document Shows

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants to find out if it's feasible to track transactions conducted using privacy coins.

Markets  ·  3 December 2018

Factom Blockchain Project Wins Grant to Protect US Border Patrol Data

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded a grant to blockchain project Factom for live testing a platform for securing camera and sensor data.

Markets  ·  18 June 2018
US Government

US Government Awards $750k in New Blockchain Startup Grant

A blockchain startup from Virginia has received additional funding from the US Department of Homeland Security for ID and online access solutions.

Business  ·  27 September 2017
US Government

US Government Awards $2.25 Million to Blockchain Research Projects

The US government has awarded research contracts to three startups working with blockchain worth a total of about $2.25m.

Business  ·  12 May 2017

Boom in Drug Dealer Digital Currency Use Sparks Worries Among US Officials

There's been "a substantial increase" in cases involving digital currencies in the drug trade, a DHS official told Congress yesterday.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 March 2017

US Department of Homeland Security Talks Blockchain R&D

In a new interview, members of the US Department of Homeland Security discuss their increasing interest in blockchain tech.

Markets  ·  10 July 2016

Department of Homeland Security Calls for Blockchain Research

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking to better understand blockchain tech through a research initiative.

Markets  ·  15 December 2015