Department of Defense

Constellation Network to Provide US Air Force With Blockchain Security for Data Sharing

The contract with the Air Force is to develop a way of exchanging mission data securely across the Defense Transportation System.

News  ·  26 August 2021

US House Passes Two Blockchain Amendments in Annual Defense Budget Bill

The U.S. House passed two provisions introduced by Rep. Darren Soto of Florida.

Policy & regulation  ·  23 July 2020

US Military Is Falling Behind China, Russia in Blockchain Arms Race: IBM, Accenture

The U.S. Department of Defense can’t afford to lose the global military blockchain race to Russia and China, warns a new private sector whitepaper.

News  ·  20 May 2020
Department of Defense

US Defense Department to Develop Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

The DoD thinks blockchain can help authenticate its agents, secure interagency communication, and handle petabytes of data to predict attacks.

Markets  ·  29 July 2019
Supply Chain

US Defense Department Says Blockchain Can Help in Disaster Relief

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency says blockchain technology has "enormous" potential to improve disaster relief efforts.

Business  ·  27 December 2018
Department of Defense

The US Navy Wants to Connect Its 3-D Printers with a Blockchain

The US Navy will run a blockchain trial this summer – a test largely aimed to boost the security of its manufacturing systems.

Business  ·  26 June 2017

US Should Encourage Blockchain Investments, Says Former Defense Official

The US should promote investments in blockchain as part of a broader fight against cyberthreats, a former Defense Department official has said.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 June 2017
Department of Defense

DARPA Seeks Blockchain Messaging System for Battlefield Use

A major US defense agency devoted to advanced R&D is seeking to create a secure-blockchain-based messaging system.

Markets  ·  25 April 2016

Department of Defense to Investigate Bitcoin’s Terrorism Potential

Bitcoin is one of various modern technologies the DoD is studying over potential security and terrorism threats.

Policy & regulation  ·  5 May 2014