Colonial Pipeline Paid Almost $5M Crypto Ransom Soon After Attack: Report

The company previously said it would not pay the hackers.

Policy & regulation  ·  13 May 2021

Rari Capital Plans to Refund Stolen $10.6M in Ethereum From Dev Fund

The attack exploited Rari Capital’s integration with Alpha Finance Labs’ ibETH token.

News  ·  10 May 2021

Turkish Crypto Exchanges Must Report Transactions Over $1,200, Finance Minister Says

The country is rushing to regulate the crypto market after two local crypto exchanges went offline in April.

News  ·  7 May 2021

US Man Pleads Guilty to SIM-Swap Attacks Targeting High-Profile Crypto Accounts

Eric Meiggs focused his attacks on those he considered original gangsters of crypto social media.

News  ·  29 April 2021

Russian Police Arrest Alleged Counterfeiters Selling $13M in Fake Money for Crypto: Report

Those involved allegedly peddled fake bank notes over the infamous Hydra darknet marketplace.

News  ·  26 April 2021

Seoul Seizes Tax Dodgers’ Crypto From Exchanges: Report

The department has seized around 25 billion won ($22 million) in digital assets from 676 of the alleged tax evaders.

News  ·  23 April 2021

Exec of Chinese Blockchain Firm Allegedly Misappropriated $45M in State-Owned Bitcoin: Report

Gao Ziyang has reportedly been detained for the alleged liquidation. The company denied his involvement and has not confirmed the detainment.

News  ·  9 April 2021

Blockchain Consultant Pleads Guilty to Extortion Charge

Alchemist associate Michael Hlady faces up to 20 years in prison.

News  ·  6 April 2021

DeepDotWeb Operator Pleads Guilty to Laundering $8.4M in Bitcoin Kickbacks

Tal Prihar admitted to taking bitcoin payments from darknet marketplaces in exchange for referral links.

Policy & regulation  ·  31 March 2021

Acer Reportedly Hit With $50M Crypto-Ransomware Demand

Acer hasn't yet confirmed the attack, reports Tech Radar.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 March 2021

Russia’s Darknet Criminals Have Novel Crypto Cash-Out System: ‘Buried Treasure’

A darknet ad flagged by the crypto sleuths at Elliptic says vendors will bury vacuum-packed physical cash “5-20 cm under the ground.”

Business  ·  22 March 2021

Romanian Barber Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $620K in Crypto

The man is accused of hacking "the seventh-largest cryptocurrency operator in the world."

Policy & regulation  ·  12 March 2021

Crypto Crime Siphoned Off Nearly $10.5B in 2020: Research

Blockchain analytics company Coinfirm noted that scams and fraud account for two thirds of the funds misappropriated.

Policy & regulation  ·  1 March 2021

Serbian Man Indicted for Embezzling $7M Through Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

According to the indictment, Kristijan Krstic founded two digital-asset investment platforms that fraudulently induced investors to buy securities in the form of investment contracts.

News  ·  24 February 2021

Australian Man Arrested for Trying to Launder $4.3M With Bitcoin

The man was arrested in his car, where police found $1 million in cash, cocaine and electronic devices.

Policy & regulation  ·  22 February 2021