Bank of England: Any UK CBDC Will Be ‘Tens of Thousands’ Times More Efficient Than Bitcoin

The fintech lead at U.K.’s central bank urged eco-conscious citizens not to “throw the blockchain baby out with the bitcoin bathwater.”

Policy & regulation  ·  17 June 2021

Mark Cuban Invests in Decentralized Data Marketplace dClimate

The billionaire investor is going deeper down the blockchain rabbithole.

Business  ·  16 June 2021

Rocky Mountain Institute Proposes Protocol to Track Climate Emissions

A new way to keep tabs on climate impacts within corporate supply chains, based on open-source ledger technology.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 May 2021
Carbon Emissions

Everledger Offers Diamond Industry Blockchain-Based Carbon Offsetting

Track-and-trace blockchain pioneer Everledger is using its technology to help the diamond industry offset its carbon footprint.

Business  ·  22 April 2020
Enterprise Blockchain

Hyperledger Conference Shows Where Blockchain Can Fight Global Warming

Social impact took center stage at this year's Hyperledger Global Forum, with perhaps less of an emphasis on banking consortia and trade finance blockchains.

Business  ·  4 March 2020

Hyperledger to Explore How Blockchain Can Help World Meet Climate Goals

The new climate group will allow participants to share ideas for a new distributed database to track emissions.

Tech  ·  22 January 2020