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Bitcoin Dev Jimmy Song Is Now at Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital has announced that Jimmy Song, a bitcoin core developer, has joined the blockchain firm as a venture partner.

Business  ·  25 January 2018

Tokenized Tor? A16z, DFJ and More Back Private Internet Project Orchid

Orchid Labs has attracted big investors to its vision of a more private internet, revealing millions already raised in a private token sale.

Business  ·  26 October 2017

Who Needs VC? Ethereum and the JOBS Act Could Change Investing

A new blockchain token sale showcases how innovations in protocol design, coupled with regulatory advances, could disrupt VC.

Policy & regulation  ·  10 April 2017
Venture Capital

Blockchain Capital Releases New Details on Ethereum ICO Token

Venture firm Blockchain Capital has released new details about a forthcoming token sale aimed to raise money for its new startup fund.

Business  ·  5 April 2017
Venture Capital

Investment Firm Blockchain Capital is Launching a $10 Million ICO

Industry VC fund Blockchain Capital plans to raise a new fund in part by creating a digital token and selling it by way of an ICO.

Business  ·  16 March 2017

For Blockchain VCs, the Time for Ethereum Investments Has Come

Weeks after the launch of the first "production version" of Ethereum, blockchain investors are taking a deeper look at the ecosystem's startups.

Tech  ·  21 April 2016

Blockchain Capital Raises $13 Million for Second Startup Fund

Venture capital firm Blockchain Capital has raised $13m for its second investment fund for bitcoin and blockchain technology ventures.

Markets  ·  27 January 2016