Swiss Post, Swisscom Developing New Blockchain Platform on Hyperledger

Swiss Post and Swisscom have teamed up to build an infrastructure for blockchain applications on Hyperledger Fabric.

Business  ·  6 December 2018

E-Commerce Giant JD to Launch Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform has today unveiled a white paper detailing its plans for a new blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform.

Business  ·  22 March 2018

Search Giant Baidu Launches Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

Chinese web search giant Baidu has launched its own blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform based on its own technology.

Business  ·  12 January 2018

IBM vs Microsoft: Two Tech Giants, Two Blockchain Visions

How two established tech firms are taking different directions when it comes to their blockchain-as-a-service offerings.

Markets  ·  27 March 2017

Microsoft Doubles Down on Ethereum With New Blockchain Product

Microsoft's new Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network is designed to let groups of companies more easily capitalize on blockchain efficiencies.

Tech  ·  3 November 2016