Market Wrap: Bitcoin Steadies After $300B Market Cap Dump on Taxation Trepidation

Analysts pointed to the Biden proposal to double capital gains taxes on high-income individuals as the catalyst.

Markets  ·  23 April 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Recovers From Sunday Slump to $56K as Doge Jumps 19%

Volumes on the CoinDesk 20 eight spot BTC venues was over $8 billion for the first time since Feb. 23.

Markets  ·  19 April 2021

Crypto Fund Inflows Accelerated to $233M Last Week, Most Since Early March

Investor appetite for digital asset investment products increased last week, with strong interest in XRP.

Markets  ·  19 April 2021

Dogecoin Eclipses XRP as 4th Largest Cryptocurrency Ahead of ‘Dogeday’

Dogecoin briefly replaced XRP as the fourth-largest coin early Monday.

Markets  ·  19 April 2021

SEC Causing ‘Confusion’ Over Digital Currencies in Legal Case With Ripple: WSJ Editorial Board

Regulators are “creating danger” for investors in their inconsistent approach to determining how to treat cryptocurrencies.

Policy & regulation  ·  19 April 2021

Bitcoin Dominance at 2-Year Low as XRP, Binance’s BNB Rally

Bitcoin prices have doubled this year, but several major altcoins have risen by many multiples.

Markets  ·  12 April 2021

XRP Doubles in 7 Days, Heads for Biggest Weekly Gain Since December 2017

The token used in Ripple Labs' payment network has climbed sixfold this year as some traders look through the SEC case and analysts see bullish patterns in price charts.

Markets  ·  11 April 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stuck Around $58K; Monthly Volatility Drops to 3-Month Low

Bitcoin’s struggle to retest a key resistance level at $60,000 has “dampened” market sentiment, said one trader.

Markets  ·  9 April 2021

XRP’s Price Can Go ‘Boatload’ Higher: Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt

XRP has rallied by over 50% so far this week, for a market value of $37 billion.

Markets  ·  9 April 2021

Ripple CTO: ‘All the Evidence’ Suggests XRP and Bitcoin Are Similar, Contrary to SEC

David Schwartz also suggested rumors of a Coinbase relisting of XRP could account for the crypto’s recent rally.

News  ·  7 April 2021

XRP Rises Above $1 for First Time Since March 2018, Despite SEC Shadow

The XRP token's price continues to draw support from a community of loyal and devoted cryptocurrency traders.

Markets  ·  6 April 2021

XRP Hits Two-Month Price High in Wake of Ether Rally

XRP has completely recouped its losses resulting from the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple Labs late last year.

Markets  ·  5 April 2021

Ripple Touts Role for XRP in Central Bank Digital Currency White Paper

The crypto asset could be used as a "neutral bridge" between different currencies, Ripple says.

Tech  ·  23 March 2021

XRP Jumps as Bullish ‘Golden Cross’ Pattern Appears in Price Chart

It's often a bullish indicator when the the 50-week moving average crosses above the 100-week, but traders can get trapped on the wrong side of the market.

Markets  ·  16 March 2021

SBI Is Offering Shareholders Option of Getting XRP as Reward for 2nd Year

SBI's support of XRP is a sign of the digital token's continued strong fan base in Japan.

News  ·  12 March 2021