Market Wrap: Bitcoin Holds Above $30K but Price Chart Looks ‘Ugly’

Also, Circle might be an attractive "starter stock for the cautious" when it goes public, according to one analyst.

Markets  ·  16 July 2021

Tether Hasn’t Printed New USDT in Weeks: 3 Possible Explanations

Here are three reasons why the stablecoin's tremendous growth has screeched to a halt.

Markets  ·  16 July 2021

Circle Isn’t Winning the Stablecoin Transparency Race

Stablecoin projects increasingly compete on transparency. Circle's two-month-old data on "approved investments" leaves something to be desired.

Opinion  ·  6 July 2021

Fitch Says Rapid Stablecoin Growth Poses ‘Contagion Risks’

The Fitch report suggests that the turmoil also could have the potential to spread to traditional markets.

Markets  ·  1 July 2021

US Fed Official Calls Tether a ‘Challenge’ to Financial Stability

Eric Rosengren included the stablecoin among what he termed new disruptors to short-term credit markets.

News  ·  26 June 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Slides to Two-Week Low, Ether to Below $2K as China Reiterates Crypto Ban

CME's bitcoin futures goes into "backwardation" and BTC inflows to exchanges rise as China "FUD" continues.

Markets  ·  21 June 2021

Strike Is Phasing Out USDT From Bitcoin-Based El Salvador Remittances, CEO Says

“Tether is no longer a part of anything,” Jack Mallers said on the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast.

Business  ·  21 June 2021

Gold Tokens Take Off as Inflation Accelerates, Bitcoin Retreats

The market cap of gold-backed tokens has surged 30-fold since the start of 2020, according to one research firm.

Markets  ·  10 June 2021

Disruption in Tether’s Value Could Be Crypto Equivalent of ‘Breaking the Buck’: Former CFTC Chairman

Timothy Massad compared the hypothetical occurrence to the collapse in NAV of the Reserve Primary Fund in September 2008.

News  ·  1 June 2021

Crypto Long & Short: Why Tesla’s Reversal Is Good for Bitcoin

The company's recent move is more about policy than price. Plus: Did this week mark the start of a meaningful shift in the stablecoin market?

Markets  ·  16 May 2021

Tether’s First Reserve Breakdown Shows Token 49% Backed by Unspecified Commercial Paper

The new composition report is part of Tether’s efforts to stay in compliance with a settlement with the New York Attorney General.

News  ·  13 May 2021

Coinbase Expands Support for Tether Stablecoin

After adding the stablecoin to its Pro platform, Coinbase says USDT is now available for general users.

Markets  ·  4 May 2021

Coinbase Pro Delays Rollout of Tether Trading Citing API Issues

Coinbase has said it is continuing to work on the backend while it resolves the issue.

News  ·  28 April 2021

Tether Passes $50B Market Cap

The world’s largest stablecoin last week received a boost by being listed on Coinbase Pro.

News  ·  26 April 2021

A Bridge Called Tether

A parable of risk assessment.

Business  ·  23 April 2021