Funding Rounds

Token Tech firm Securitize Raises $14 Million from Santander, MUFG

The SEC-regulated firm raised $14 million from notable investors across traditional and blockchain finance.

Business  ·  24 September 2019

Coinbase-Backed Securitize Announces the Tenth Token Using Its Platform

The token is produced in collaboration with Curzio Research to provide investment opportunities in Curzio's newsletter business.

Markets  ·  30 July 2019
Security Tokens

Securitize Open-Sources Its Protocol, Partners With tZERO Token Exchange

Securitize has partnered with Overstock subsidiary tZERO as it open-sources the code behind its in-house protocol.

Business  ·  13 May 2019

Pennsylvania’s State-Backed VC Firm Is Tokenizing an Investment Fund

Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a Pennsylvania-funded VC provider, is tokenizing shares in one of its funds.

Markets  ·  11 April 2019

Coinbase-Backed Securitize Launches One-Stop Shop for Token Services

Coinbase-backed Securitize has launched a referral network of sorts to help firms issue and manage digital securities.

Markets  ·  9 April 2019

2 Crypto Startups Unveil Security Token Issuance and Trading Service

Securitize and OTCXN aim to streamline the process of issuing and trading security tokens with their new all-in-one solution.

Business  ·  19 February 2019

Crypto Securities Are Years Away from Mainstream, Technologists Say

Panelists at ETHDenver agree that despite projections, crypto securities lack the current infrastructure to go mainstream.

Policy & regulation  ·  18 February 2019
Funding Rounds

Coinbase Backs Security Token Startup’s $12.7 Million Funding Round

Security token startup Securitize has raised $12.75 million in Series A funding backed by Coinbase Ventures and Ripple's Xpring, among others.

Business  ·  26 November 2018