How Bitcoin Gets to $100,000

Another look at the bitcoin valuation models that could possibly lead to a six-figure bitcoin valuation over the course of the next year.

People  ·  29 November 2020

What Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary Means for Bitcoin and Markets

NLW looks at price action in crypto, the ETH 2.0 Beacon chain launching Dec 1, the Dow at 30,000 and Janet Yellen’s nomination as Treasury secretary.

People  ·  28 November 2020

Schmuck Insurance

A reading of one of the most enduring early investor arguments for bitcoin.

People  ·  26 November 2020

The Most Bullish Bitcoin Arguments for Your Thanksgiving Table

This year, come prepared to explain the asset that has everyone from famous financiers to political dissidents talking about a money revolution.

People  ·  25 November 2020

A Bitcoin Shortage? PayPal and Cash App Buying More Than 100% of New Supply

When demand from these two sources alone exceeds the entire supply of newly minted bitcoins, expect serious supply pressure to follow.

People  ·  23 November 2020

Bitcoin ETF Time? What SEC Chairman Jay Clayton Stepping Down Means for Markets

Jay Clayon is stepping down as chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission. Here’s what that means for crypto and traditional markets.

People  ·  22 November 2020

What Do Mexico’s Second Wealthiest Billionaire and Arya Stark Have In Common?

Recapping a wild week in bitcoin price action that has drawn out numerous previously-quiet HODLers.

People  ·  21 November 2020

10 Metrics Where Bitcoin Has Already Hit New All-Time Highs

While we haven’t achieved the elusive $20,000 spot price all-time high yet, these other metrics show where bitcoin has grown far beyond previous peaks.

People  ·  20 November 2020

A Crypto Ally as Top US Bank Regulator?

President Trump has nominated former Coinbase counsel Brian Brooks to a full five-year term as Comptroller of the Currency, but will he be confirmed in time?

People  ·  19 November 2020

HODL FOMO vs. Speculative FOMO: Why This Bitcoin Bull Market Will Be Different

As bitcoin crosses $17,000 it’s not retail speculation but a new, long-term investor mindset driving the price up.

People  ·  17 November 2020

Bitcoin at $318,000 Next December? One Citibank Exec Says It’s Possible

Breaking down a recent report that has Bitcoin Twitter salivating and skeptical at the same time.

People  ·  16 November 2020

Dollar Decline and the Paralysis of Conventional Monetary Policy

A reading of Kenneth Rogoff’s latest piece on the strange reality of the dollar’s global status.

People  ·  15 November 2020

Dalio Says Governments Will Kill Bitcoin. Is He Right?

In an otherwise extremely bullish week, famed investor Ray Dalio reiterated his skepticism of bitcoin and digital assets.

People  ·  14 November 2020

PayPal Rolls Out Crypto for All US Customers

Crypto Twitter reacts to the announcement and answers the question: Just how big a deal is this?

People  ·  13 November 2020

Discovering Bitcoin Through the #EndSARS Movement, Feat. Yele Bademosi & Akin Sawyerr

When the Nigerian government shut down #EndSARS protestors’ bank accounts, bitcoin and crypto became a way around.

People  ·  11 November 2020