Privacy Startup Nym Hires Whistleblower Chelsea Manning to Audit Mixnet

Manning has joined privacy startup Nym as a security consultant.

Tech  ·  25 August 2021

Binance-Backed Privacy Mavens Release Tokenomic Lynchpin: ‘Proof-of-Relay’

Rewards gathered on the testnet will be made available when HOPR tokens launch on the live mainnet later this year.

Business  ·  20 October 2020

HOPR Launches Token Incentive Program for Running Its Mixnet Testnet

HOPR sells its own hardware node version (at $440) but HOPR nodes can also be run on devices that run Windows, macOS and Linux.

Tech  ·  16 September 2020

Privacy Startup Nym Will Pay You in Bitcoin to Run Its Mixnet

The start-up is maturing and enabling plugins that allow users to plug in wallets and applications to run their traffic through its mixnet.

Tech  ·  10 September 2020

This Binance Labs-Backed Crypto Startup Wants to Anonymize Everything

Nym Technologies, a stealth startup sporting a roster of privacy activists and cryptography experts, plans "to anonymize the world."

Tech  ·  14 December 2018