Margin Trading


Bitcoin Is an Emerging Systemic Risk

The bubble in cryptocurrency threatens the broader financial system, given new buyers’ different motivations from early adopters and use of leverage.

Markets  ·  1 December 2017

Credit for Cryptos: Leverage Trading Is Coming to Bitcoin

The arrival of institutional investors has created openings for services similar to the prime brokerage that banks have long provided to hedge funds.

Business  ·  29 November 2017

Bitcoin Price Slumps Following Bitfinex Outage

The price of bitcoin slumped again today after Bitfinex closed its order book, citing issues with its post-trade processing.

Tech  ·  24 August 2015

Markets Weekly: Bitcoin’s New Year Starts With a Crash

Bitcoin's price crashed over the New Year weekend, losing $51 over two days. Why?

Markets  ·  5 January 2015

Huobi’s BitVC Uses Trader Profits to Cover Futures Loss

Bitcoin margin trading comes under scrutiny as BitVC takes 46% of traders' profits to cover a 3,000 BTC loss.

Business  ·  20 November 2014

Why Margin Trading Became the Scapegoat for Bitcoin’s Price Decline

CoinDesk speaks to Bitfinex, OKCoin and others about margin trading and its impact on the overall bitcoin economy.

Tech  ·  20 August 2014

Did Margin Trading Crash the Price of Bitcoin?

Some market observers believe Thursday's price drop may have been caused by the actions of bitcoin traders.

Markets  ·  15 August 2014

New Bitcoin Exchange Quoine Offers Pro Tools for Asian Traders

Quoine, a new Japan-based exchange, is designed by financial industry professionals and will target the wealth centers of Asia.

Business  ·  4 August 2014

Huobi Brings Margin Trading, Interest Accounts to Bitcoin and Litecoin

Chinese exchange Huobi introduces margin trading and interest-bearing accounts with its new internationally focused brands BitVC and Yubibao.

Business  ·  30 June 2014

OKCoin Targets International Markets with Margin Trading Launch

OKCoin is reintroducing its peer-to-peer margin trading service by opening the platform to foreign users.

Tech  ·  20 June 2014
Exchanges revives bitcoin margin trades

A new trading platform,, is offering investors the chance to take short and long positions on future bitcoin price movements against the dollar.

Tech  ·  23 May 2013