Canadian Crypto Lender Ledn Raises $2.7M for Emerging Markets Expansion

After growing in Latin America, the firm wants to bring its micro-loans and stablecoin savings features to other emerging markets.

Business  ·  8 February 2021

Japan’s SBI Adds XRP to Cryptocurrency Lending Service

Users of SBI's cryptocurrency exchange can lend XRP for a return of 0.1% per annum.

Business  ·  4 February 2021

Gemini Partners With Crypto Lender Genesis to Offer 7.4% Yield on Customer Deposits

The product is part of Gemini’s attempt to bring in new crypto investors with bank-like products.

Business  ·  2 February 2021

Traditional Lenders Extended Millions in Loans to the Crypto Space Through Genesis in Q4

The average loan size for a first-time lender on the platform is $3.2 million, Genesis said.

Business  ·  26 January 2021

Why Celsius Thinks CEL Won’t Receive the Same SEC Treatment as XRP

In an interview with CoinDesk TV, CEO Alex Mashinsky explained why CEL has drawn recent interest from altcoin investors.

Business  ·  15 January 2021

Babel Finance Is Letting Crypto Mining Firms Use Machines as Loan Collateral

A clever way for bitcoin miners to get better loan terms.

Business  ·  12 January 2021

Here Comes the Open Lending Era

Open lending grew from a fringe use-case to a burgeoning engine powering the next phase of the digital economy.

Business  ·  24 December 2020

DeFi Startup Brings Corporate Lending Terms to Miners, Traders and Market Makers

Maple Finance is a new firm out of Australia releasing a token-governed platform for institutional lending.

Business  ·  17 December 2020

Spring Labs Develops Data-Sharing Network for US Home Energy Projects

Firms handling loans for home energy projects in California, Florida and Missouri are using a blockchain system from Spring Labs that could save up to $10 million in fraud.

News  ·  15 December 2020

MakerDAO Loans Can Be Gamed to Hold Out Funds From Liquidation, Startup Finds

A loophole in MakerDAO’s collateralized debt market enables positions to be closed far more leniently than intended due to an oversight in the auction process.

Tech  ·  16 November 2020

Desperation Among Filecoin Miners Creating a Big Market for FIL Borrowing

The Filecoin network is facing liquidity problems, forcing some miners to borrow the native token at outrageous rates.

Markets  ·  30 October 2020

ETH Gobbles Up Larger Share of Genesis Loan Book as Trading Firms Feast on DeFi Summer

Genesis Trading saw the share of bitcoin in its loan portfolio drop, mainly due to demand for liquidity mining on DeFi protocols.

Business  ·  30 October 2020

Notional Launches Out of Stealth to Bring Fixed-Rate Lending to DeFi

Lending rates on all the top DeFi platforms are dizzyingly variable. Enter Notional, a new protocol with backing from Coinbase and others.

Business  ·  26 October 2020

Bitcoin Hodlers Get a Lending Option With No KYC

Hodl Hodl is launching a peer-to-peer lending marketplace for hardcore bitcoiners

Business  ·  22 October 2020

Japan’s LINE Starts Crypto Lending Service

The makers of Japan's popular messaging app LINE is launching a crypto lending service through its BITMAX exchange.

News  ·  7 October 2020