Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)

Federal Reserve Keeps Rates Near Zero, Still Sees Inflation as ‘Transitory’

Even while pressure mounts to taper its asset purchases, the central bank will continue its accommodative quantitative easing.

Markets  ·  28 July 2021

Federal Reserve Officials Raise 2021 Inflation Projection, Powell Addresses Asset Purchases

This was a significant increase from the 2.4% officials were predicting in March.

Markets  ·  16 June 2021

As Powell Heads to Fed Meeting, Inflation Data Can Only Get Worse

Fed Chair Jerome Powell's challenge is to convince traders he's got the resolve to respond to runaway inflation, without actually doing anything.

Markets  ·  27 April 2021

How the Federal Reserve Might Try to Calm Inflation Fears This Week

The question is whether Powell will allow bond yields to keep rising or if the Fed will step in to ward off any unwanted market reaction.

Policy & regulation  ·  16 March 2021

Fed Chair Powell: ‘We’d Welcome Higher Inflation’

The central bank doesn’t want to pull back asset purchases just yet, Powell said Wednesday.

Markets  ·  27 January 2021
Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Holds Rates, Asset Purchases Steady as Economic Activity Moderates

The U.S. central bank said interest rates will remain close to zero.

Markets  ·  27 January 2021

Why Are Traditional Investors So Hungry for Yield Curve Control?

When FOMC minutes suggested the Federal Reserve might not employ yield curve control, the markets reacted angrily.

People  ·  23 August 2020

Federal Reserve Keeps Rates Close to Zero, Continues Buying Treasurys

The Federal Reserve said Wednesday it would hold benchmark U.S. interest rates close to zero and continue buying Treasury bonds to support the coronavirus-devastated economy.

Markets  ·  29 July 2020

Bitcoin Stuck Below $10K as Stocks Drop

With the Fed dashing hopes of a V-shaped recovery, it's uncertain whether bitcoin will become a store of value or begin to track stocks.

Markets  ·  11 June 2020
Federal Reserve

QE4 Begins: Fed Cuts Rates, to Buy $700B in Bonds

Effectively, this is “QE4,” the fourth major round of quantitative easing by the American central bank since the global financial crisis a little more than a decade ago.

Markets  ·  15 March 2020