Bad Sandwich: DeFi Trader ‘Poisons’ Front-Running Miners for $250K Profit

A DeFi trader tricked Ethermine's sandwich bot into purchasing "Salmonella" and "Listeria" tokens for some 130 ETH.

Tech  ·  22 March 2021

Ethermine Adds Front-Running Software to Help Miners Offset EIP 1559 Revenue Losses

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) has netted traders and miners some $1.7 million in profit in the last 24 hours alone.

News  ·  17 March 2021

Mining Pools Distribute $2.4M Transaction Fee After Flood of Phoney Refund Claims [Updated]

Mining pool Ethermine said it would never freeze transaction fees again.

Business  ·  15 June 2020

ETH Whale Pays $5.2M in Fees for 2 Mysterious Transfers Totaling $82K [Updated]

Over the past two days, an unknown wallet holder has paid some $5.2 million in transaction fees for two ether transactions.

Markets  ·  10 June 2020