Decentralized Exchanges

Can Avalanche Keep It Up? DeFi Users Rush In as Incentives Roll Out

The total value locked in Avalanche's DeFi ecosystem has swelled to $1.8 billion in the last month. Here's why.

Business  ·  26 August 2021

First Decentralized Exchange Launches on Polkadot and Kusama Ecosystem

Karura Swap opened for trading with $3.4 million in total value locked.

News  ·  23 July 2021

Decentralized Exchange Kyber Network’s KNC Token Jumps

"Kyber Network has underperformed its peers, still trading at relatively low market capitalization," one analyst said.

Markets  ·  2 June 2021

DeFi Protocol SushiSwap’s SUSHI Token Hits Record High, Eyes Further Gains

Institutional investors might be warming to tokens associated with decentralized finance, known as DeFi.

Markets  ·  2 March 2021

Coinbase Lists Unmasking of Bitcoin’s Creator Among Business Risks

DeFi, social media and data breaches are also acknowledged as "risk factors" for investors in the company's hot-off-the-presses prospectus.

Business  ·  25 February 2021

Exchange Tokens Hit New All-time Highs as Stock Traders Rush to Crypto

GameStop caught the stock-buying public's imagination. That excitement has spilled over to crypto.

Markets  ·  1 February 2021

Decentralized Exchange Volumes Hit Record Above $50B in January

Uniswap represented over 45% of total DEX volume.

Markets  ·  1 February 2021

DeFi Christmas: DEX Aggregator 1inch Launches Governance Token to Take On Uniswap

The token, named 1INCH and running on Ethereum, will be distributed to all wallets that have previously interacted with the platform.

News  ·  25 December 2020

This One Graph Shows Ether Going From CeFi to DeFi: Glassnode

Data indicates DeFi could take a huge bite out of CeFi when it comes to the ether cryptocurrency.

Markets  ·  11 December 2020

Decentralized Exchange Volume Dropped 25% in October

A steeper decline was avoided by one record day for Uniswap and Curve.

Markets  ·  2 November 2020

Decentralized Exchange Volume Rose 103% in September to Record $23.6B Even as Growth Consolidated

Strong trading incentives have “cannibalized volume” from other DEXs, said one analyst.

Markets  ·  1 October 2020

1,000 New Token Pairs Added to Uniswap in One Week; Buyers Beware

The exchange now supports nearly 10 times more pairs than Binance.

Markets  ·  9 September 2020

DeFi Flippening Comes to Exchanges as Uniswap Topples Coinbase in Trading Volume

Trading volumes are surging on Uniswap and other so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, challenging established venues like Coinbase.

Markets  ·  2 September 2020

Decentralized Exchange Volume Rose 160% in August to $11.6B, Setting Third Straight Record

Only two decentralized exchange protocols reported a drop in volume during August.

Markets  ·  1 September 2020

Uniswap’s August Volume Topples July $1.76B Record in Less Than Two Weeks

Uniswap reported more than $1.76 billion in monthly volume as of Wednesday.

Markets  ·  13 August 2020