Hive Purchases 4,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines From Canaan

The order will be completed in two tranches by the end of September.

Business  ·  3 August 2021

Australia’s Mawson Infrastructure Increases Count of Bitcoin Mining Machines in US Operation

Gross margins are expected to be more than 80% based on the current bitcoin price and its network difficulty.

News  ·  22 July 2021
Bitcoin Mining

ASIC Maker Canaan Diversifies Into Bitcoin Mining in Kazakhstan

Canaan has begun deploying its latest Avalon Miner units. The firm will also be attempting to expand its business scope and customer base.

News  ·  23 June 2021

Genesis Digital Assets Purchases Additional 10,000 Mining Machines From Canaan

The order is to be completed by the end of the month.

Business  ·  16 June 2021
Crypto mining

Canaan Forecasts Second-Quarter Revenue as High as $250M

The mining equipment maker said total shipments for the second quarter would either maintain or surpass Q1 2021.

Business  ·  2 June 2021
Bitcoin Mining

Renaissance Technologies Amassed $140M Position in Mining Stocks In Q1

The quantitative hedge fund placed heavy bets on Riot, Marathon and Canaan in early 2021.

Business  ·  13 May 2021

Canaan to Supply 11,760 Bitcoin Miners to Mawson’s Australian, US Operations

The Chinese bitcoin miner manufacturer will ship and install A1246 ASIC AvalonMiners for Mawson Infrastructure.

News  ·  21 April 2021

Bitcoin Price Lifts Crypto Stocks Ahead of Coinbase Listing

Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy was up 18.5% in global markets. His firm’s bitcoin proxy stock wasn’t alone in seeing green.

Business  ·  14 April 2021
Bitcoin Mining

Canaan Plunges as Inventory Issues Slashed Q4 Bitcoin Mining Machine Sales

Despite bull-market-driven demand for the company’s bitcoin mining machines, Canaan’s Q4 revenue plummeted due to COVID-related supply chain issues.

News  ·  12 April 2021

Former Canaan Directors to Guide Chinese Gaming Firm’s Pivot to Crypto Mining

Former directors of Canaan Inc. are investing in the Shanghai firm and will help launch its new mining subsidiary.

Business  ·  5 January 2021
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Equipment Maker Canaan Sets $10M Buyback Program

The board of directors of bitcoin mining manufacturer Canaan approved a buyback program Monday for its lagging shares.

News  ·  8 September 2020
Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan Drops 3 Directors in Possible Boardroom Coup

Sources speaking to Chinese media said a dispute at Canaan Creative has led to a power grab by now-Executive Director Nangeng Zhang.

Business  ·  9 July 2020

Bitcoin Miner Maker Canaan’s Stock Hits Record Low 1 Month After Halving

Shares of Canaan Creative, one of the few publicly traded crypto miner manufacturers, fell below $2 Monday, their lowest after going public last year.

Markets  ·  15 June 2020
Bitcoin Mining

Canaan Reports $5.6M Loss in Q1 Despite Bitcoin Miner Price Cut

The China-based manufacturer had cut the pricing for its bitcoin miners by half during the first three months.

News  ·  22 May 2020

How the Long Tail of the Coronavirus Might Slow Bitcoin’s Hash Power Growth

The shortage of new mining machines caused by the coronavirus outbreak could curb computing power growth from Chinese miners who contribute over 65% of Bitcoin’s hash power.

Markets  ·  5 February 2020