Blockchain Adoption

Most Executives See Digital Assets as Strong Fiat Alternative in Next 5-10 Years: Deloitte

Cybersecurity, regulation and privacy are seen as the biggest obstacles to global adoption of digital assets, according to a Deloitte survey.

News  ·  23 August 2021

Yunnan Companies Complete $580M in International Transfers Using Blockchain: Report

As of June, 208 companies had used the platform for 638 transactions.

News  ·  30 July 2021

Beijing City Blockchain Touts IPFS Interoperability

Enterprise blockchain in China is receiving government support, while crypto mining is facing a crackdown.

News  ·  23 July 2021

Can Taiwan Become Asia’s Crypto Haven? Not Yet

As China cracks down on the crypto field, Taiwan could be an alternative destination for crypto entities but can crypto thrive in Taiwan?

Policy & regulation  ·  8 July 2021

Crypto Long & Short: Commerce, Dollarization or Speculation?

Data from services on Bitcoin and Ethereum shows what's real in crypto adoption stories.

Markets  ·  20 June 2021

Nigeria Is Developing Strategies for National Blockchain Adoption

Nigerian authorities are developing a roadmap for the adoption of blockchain technology in public administration and payments on a national scale.

Policy & regulation  ·  15 October 2020

Blockchain Can Give $1.7T Boost to Global Economy by 2030: PwC Report

A new PwC report claims blockchain technology can add $1.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, with the Asian continent standing to benefit the most.

News  ·  12 October 2020

EU Report: Blockchain Adoption Will Be Led by Permissioned Platforms

Blockchain adoption will be led by permissioned platforms focused on specific use cases or user bases, according to a new EU report.

Tech  ·  12 March 2019

Decentralized Finance Emerges as Banner Topic at Ethereum Denver Conference

ETHDenver kicked off with an address by Aave CEO Stani Kulechov about a hot new wave of decentralized finance applications.

Tech  ·  15 February 2019

Report: Blockchain Spending to Hit Nearly $12 Billion By 2022

Spending on blockchain solutions is forecasted to increase annually at a growth rate of close to 75 percent through 2022, according to a new report.

Markets  ·  19 July 2018

Majority of Businesses Have No Plans for Blockchain, Gartner Finds

A survey by research firm Gartner, shows that 77 percent of CIOs from companies are not interested in deploying blockchain within their organization.

Business  ·  3 May 2018

Bitcoin Has Gone Mainstream. That’s a Very Big Deal

While we're still a long way from mass adoption, this is a moment of global awareness and dialogue that is opening up a wide array of possibilities.

Tech  ·  13 December 2017

Blockchain Adoption Optimism Suffers Setback at DTCC Fintech Event

The anticipated timeline for blockchain adoption has increased since last year for attendees of the annual DTCC fintech gathering.

Business  ·  3 March 2017