IRS Taps TaxBit to Audit Bulk Crypto Transactions

TaxBit will aggregate transaction data and ensure that the right figures were reported by the taxpayer.

News  ·  11 May 2021

DeFi Audit Firms Seeing ‘Overwhelming Demand’ Even Amid Token Price Slump

Overbooked audit firms are “rejecting” DeFi projects for code checks as the young sector wallows in its first bear market.

Tech  ·  15 October 2020

CoinShares Adds On-Demand Audit Reports for Its Exchange-Traded Products

CoinShares announced Tuesday investors will be able to access audit reports, generated every 30 minutes, for the ETPs offered by its subsidiary XBT Provider.

News  ·  1 September 2020

From Enron to Wirecard: How Blockchain Tech Could Have Helped

If blockchain technology is used within a regulated financial system, Wirecard-esque scandals can be a thing of the past, writes BRD CEO Adam Traidman.

Policy & regulation  ·  25 July 2020

Fidelity-Backed Fireblocks in Talks With Potential Wall Street Clients Following EY Accreditation

Enterprise-focused crypto transaction platform Fireblocks has passed an EY data security audit. Now it can seek clients in traditional finance.

Business  ·  19 December 2019

Crypto Exchange Binance Awarded ISO Security Accreditation

The crypto exchange says it's been awarded an information security accreditation after audits found it met ISO standards.

Policy & regulation  ·  24 September 2019

Meet FumbleChain, the Deliberately Flawed Blockchain

There's a new blockchain for developers to break at will. The "capture the flag" project from Kudelski Security is meant to educate.

Tech  ·  14 August 2019

Take Two: Ethereum Is Getting Ready for the Constantinople Hard Fork Redo

The world's second largest blockchain by market capitalization is gearing up for a hard fork its tried to activate before called Constantinople. This time, developers are confident it will work.

Tech  ·  12 February 2019

Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Fully Dollar Backed, Says Latest Auditor’s Report

Crypto finance startup Circle’s USDC stablecoin was fully backed with fiat reserves at the close of 2018, according to auditing firm Grant Thornton.

Business  ·  17 January 2019

TrustToken Says It Passed 3 Security Audits With No Bugs Found

TrustToken says its tech has passed three independent security audits, while its stablecoin is now seeing trading volume over $1 billion a month.

Policy & regulation  ·  19 December 2018

Crypto Cries Foul In Wake of Tether’s Dollar Token Report

Tether announced its tokens are fully-backed by real cash according to a third-party review but the crypto community doesn't seem convinced.

Markets  ·  20 June 2018

Tether Confirms Its Relationship With Auditor Has ‘Dissolved’

The statement, provided Saturday evening, confirms the suspicions of online sleuths and is likely to raise new questions about the company's finances.

Markets  ·  27 January 2018
Blockchain Technology

Deloitte Explores Blockchain Tech for Client Auditing

Deloitte, one of the 'Big Four' professional services firms, is currently working on using blockchain technology to automate client auditing.

Markets  ·  14 July 2015

How the Blockchain Could Stop Firms Cooking the Books

Financial fraud is easy to hide, as several large companies have shown us. Could blockchain technology make firms more financially accountable?

Tech  ·  7 February 2015

Bitcoin ‘Vault’ Elliptic Meets Global Auditing Standard

Bitcoin storage service Elliptic has obtained ISAE 3402 accreditation from auditing specialist KPMG.

Business  ·  12 January 2015