Arthur Hayes

Former BitMEX CEO Hayes Surrenders to Face US Charges: Report

After appearing before a judge, Arthur Hayes was released on $10 million bond pending court proceedings in New York, Bloomberg reported.

News  ·  6 April 2021

BitMEX Co-Founder Arthur Hayes Offers to Surrender to US Authorities in Hawaii

Under a proposal, Hayes would be allowed release on a $10 million bond secured by $1 million in cash.

Policy & regulation  ·  17 March 2021

BitMEX Founder Ben Delo Surrenders to US Authorities

Delo was released on a $20 million bond.

News  ·  15 March 2021
Vitalik Buterin

7 Crypto Limericks to Brighten Your Friday

"There was a young man named Vitalik..."

People  ·  5 March 2021

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes May Surrender to US Law Enforcement Next Month

Hayes would be allowed to continue living in Singapore under the agreement his counsel is currently negotiating with federal prosecutors.

News  ·  3 March 2021

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Leaves Role After US Charges

The parent group of BitMEX has announced an executive shakeup after U.S. authorities charged the firm over allegedly illegal conduct.

Business  ·  8 October 2020

BitMEX Derivatives Exchange Operator Rebrands to ‘100x’

BitMEX's parent company, HDR, has undergone a perhaps controversial rebranding to 100x.

Business  ·  15 July 2020

Company That Sued FTX and Ripple Now Sets Its Sights on BitMEX

BMA LLC, which two weeks ago sued Ripple, has now accused crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX of orchestrating the largest financial crime in U.S. history.

News  ·  18 May 2020

Bitcoin’s Parimutuel Problem (Or Why Shorting Doesn’t Pay Today)

Parimutuel betting pools in the cryptocurrency grant traders short exposure, but there are plenty of limitations to this new type of exchange.

Markets  ·  20 September 2017

Bitcoin’s Biggest Bull? Arthur Hayes Isn’t Long Crypto – He’s Short Government

Former CitiGroup trader and current crypto bull Arthur Hayes breaks down his investment thesis for blockchain assets.

Markets  ·  12 September 2017