Tunisia’s Tech Ministry Seeks Blockchain Intern

23 July 2015

Tunisia’s Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy is reportedly looking to explore both bitcoin and blockchain technology.

The news follows the publication of an internship advert on various social media channels believed to be controlled by the Ministry.

The role, open to engineering students, will require the successful candidate to carry out specific bitcoin and blockchain-related research. A loose translation of the job description reads:

“To determine the advantages and disadvantages of using bitcoin, analyse bitcoin’s impact on the banking system and present the blockchain applications that are currently being developed to respond to various issues relating to privacy, information security, freedom and transparency.”

The internship offer seemed to garner interest among various commentators on Facebook, who probed the Ministry for more details on the application process.

The news proves significant given the perceived lack of bitcoin-related news surfacing from the North African nation.

CoinDesk reached out to the Ministry of Communication Technologies for comment but no reply had been received at the time of press.